How to Make a Weekly Frugal Food Plan

Food is quickly becoming one of the biggest expenses in the average family’s budget. Attack your food budget with a weekly money-saving plan. Each day pick a task that will help you save money on your food bill. Developing a weekly frugal food plan can reduce the cost of feeding your family. Below, you can see an example of my own weekly frugal food plan. You can use it as a guideline and customize it to make it your own, so it makes sense for you and your family. Sunday Go grocery shopping with a list and coupons. Distribute bulk … Continue reading

Organize the Pantry for Savings

I try to do a couple of money-saving projects each week around the house. Today, my project is to clean out and organize the pantry. Having a well-organized pantry reduces the amount of food waste, plus it sets me up to take advantage of any good sales and coupons, so I know what I should stock and how much of it to stock. Our store just had an amazing deal on pasta, which is why you can see so much of it on the bottom shelf. Yes, this is an actual photo of one of my two pantries, after it has … Continue reading

Money Saving Idea: Throw a College Trunk Party

A college trunk party can help your student gather all of the items that he or she will need for college, keep you on budget and give everyone a reason to celebrate the milestone of going into higher learning. Friends and relatives enjoy college trunk parties, because it gives them a chance to wish their student well, all while giving them a tangible way to help during this exciting milestone. At a trunk party, guests celebrate and bring gifts that a college student might need, such as gas cards, bedding, school supplies, dorm decor, etc. First, purchase a large college … Continue reading

How to Fight Food Inflation

Even though I know food prices are rising rapidly, I still almost about fell over when I saw that a favorite box of snack mix had risen to $5.99! I left the snack mix on the shelf. This was the same day that we stopped for three slices of pizza, no drinks, at a cost of more than $9. Ouch. I won’t be doing that again any time soon. It doesn’t look like food prices will be going down or even stabilizing any time soon. This means that we have to adapt and find ways to fight this food inflation … Continue reading

Stock up on Freezer Food This Month

The month of March is an excellent time to get your freezer stocked. This is because it is National Frozen Foods month, which means more savings for you. Frozen food manufacturers are issuing more coupons, and the stores are having more sales. Stock your freezer as cheaply as possible now, and reap the benefits in your family meals for the months to come. In order to have a successfully stocked freezer, you’ll first need the freezer space. You can often gain more space by taking items out of their original packaging and freezing them flat. If you have a larger … Continue reading

Saving Money on New Year’s Parties

Even if you are planning a potluck for your New Year’s Eve bash, hosting a get-together of family and friends is going to cost you. Fortunately, there are ways you can serve up a memorable shindig without breaking the bank. The key is to employ some basic tips on cooking for a crowd that won’t sacrifice flavor for frugality. For starters, you’ll want to invest in affordable appetizers. If you can get guests to fill up on snack food, they will be less likely to devour five helpings of the main course. Some affordable snacks include: chips and salsa, cheese … Continue reading

What Food Can You Freeze?

Freezer cooking can definitely save money and time in your household, but do you know which food freezes well? Understanding what you can freeze and what you can’t will help you avoid loss of food. Plus, if you know that something will freeze well, you can then stock up on that item or the ingredients to make it, saving even more money. Here is a list of food stuff that can go in your freezer and be enjoyed later. Baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, brownies, cookies, rolls, bread, buns, pie crust and pizza crust. For best results, frost cakes … Continue reading

Save Money with a Toaster Oven

I think that every frugal home should have a toaster oven. I enjoy having ours and wouldn’t trade it. A toaster oven can really save money. Here is how. A basic toaster oven is not that expensive to purchase new. You can get one for as little as $30 during the holiday sales. More expensive ones way cost up to $300, but often aren’t necessary. I’ve also seen brand new toaster ovens in boxes at yard sales for as low as $5. They are a popular gift, but many times the owners don’t know what to do with them and … Continue reading

It’s Time to Clean Out the Fridge for Savings

This post is part of the “Food Waste Challenge.” Learn more about it here. Has it been a while since you’ve done a big refrigerator clean out? Without opening the fridge door, can you tell me basically what is in there? If you don’t know what you have in there then you could be throwing away money. Let’s make it a priority this week to really find out what is in there and use it up before it becomes so many mini science experiments. Off of the top of my head, I just know that there are some things in … Continue reading

Thinking Ahead to Save Money

A little thinking ahead can save you a lot of money. for example, have you ever had to pay a late fee for not getting a bill or a form in on time? Don’t put things off. Make thinking ahead a part of your normal lifestyle, and you will reap the rewards. Recently, my daughter has been taking ice skating lessons. I was chatting with one of the other parents while the kids were pretending to eat a pizza off of the ice (sound strange, but it is way to practice balance). I found out that we actually paid 10 … Continue reading