Growing Groceries: Basil

Fresh herbs can be expensive, and yet they are some of the easiest food to grow. You can generally grow herbs in a very small space. A sunny window in the kitchen is ideal for growing herbs. You’ll save money in a number of ways: You won’t have to purchase the food. You won’t have to worry about waste, since you’ll pluck what you need as you need it. You won’t waste gas and time having to go to the store when you need a particular fresh herb. You can use less expensive ingredients, such as pasta, and make the … Continue reading

Frugal Food Growing

Everyone knows that growing your own food can save you a lot of money, right? Well, in some cases, it may actually cost you money! That is right. You may find yourself spending more money than growing your own food saves. Here are some tips on really frugal food growing. Use the space you have. If you live in an apartment, see if you can grow some plants in containers on a porch or Windowsill rather than buying space in a community lot. Later, when you are experienced enough to get a huge yield from your garden, then go ahead … Continue reading

Make A Frugal Greenhouse

With all of our trips to local parks and gardens, I have really been itching to have a garden and grow our own vegetables. My grand plans will have to wait until next year, when we can install some protective fencing. Otherwise, my garden will wind up feeding the deer and the bunnies. But, I’m going to get started anyway, growing some things indoors. I checked into buying a greenhouse to help start my seeds and nurture the young “plantlings” indoors. But, the whole greenhouse set up can get very expensive. So I found a way to be a bit … Continue reading

Frugal Hobbies

Want to start a hobby? Why not choose one that is frugal? Some hobbies can get quite expensive. Restoring old cars and scrap booking are two that immediately come to mind. Of course, there are always frugal ways to do things, even for expensive hobbies, but why not choose a hobby that is inherently frugal? Here are some ideas. Growing your own food Gardening can be a fun and worthwhile hobby. There many be a learning curb and challenges; it provides you with fresh air and exercise and gets you out of the house. When you garden to produce your … Continue reading

The Frugal Art of Canning

If you grow your own food in your garden then you are already saving money. What do you do with your produce? Do you usually eat it all up with a little bit to spare for family and friends? Why not take the next step to save even more money off of your food budget? This year, plant some extra produce and plan to preserve it, so you will have plenty of food the whole year through. That is where canning comes in. Sure, there are some types of produce that can be frozen, but most of the time, frozen … Continue reading

Growing My Italian Kitchen Garden

Yesterday, was a big day for me. I got to enjoy the wonderful breezes and dappled sunlight filtering through the trees outside. It was the perfect day to get a good start on my herb garden. I like growing herbs, because the store-bought kind are so expensive. Dried or fresh, herbs are one of those grocery items that seem to cost as much per ounce as gold. By growing the herbs myself, I save on both the cost of the herbs and the cost of making trips to the store to buy them, since it seems I never have the … Continue reading

Frugal Lessons from The Amish: Rising Early to Cook

Want to witness another frugal lesson from the Amish? Read on to learn about how rising early to cook (or adapting this practice) can be very frugal. Amish women tend to rise very early, while it is still dark, during a time that most of us would consider to be still part of the middle of the night. They do this so they can prepare their homes and their families for the coming day. Because the Amish burn so many calories in physical work and even social pursuits, they tend to create very large and dense breakfasts, and the breakfast … Continue reading

Frugal Lessons from the Amish: Living It for Real!

When I started my Frugal Lessons from the Amish article series, I knew there was a lot I would learn from my new friend Amy who is part of that community. I knew that some ideas might have to be adapted to suit our modern life styles, but I was really looking forward to the learning curve and to sharing all of that great information with you. Little did I know, that I would soon, for two days, be living it! Oh, I didn’t run away from my family and join an Amish community, but fate (and nature) sort of … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week In Review for April 9th to April 15th

Another busy week in Frugal Living has come to an end, and it is time once again to show you what has been going on this past week. With three bloggers, there is a never ending supply of terrific ideas, tips and advice for living a more frugal lifestyle. Visit the previous Week In Review, to get more great ideas. Monday April 9th We started off our week with several terrific articles. Traci offered advice in Saving Money by Cutting The Phone Cord. If you follow this advice, you can really cut back your phone expenses. We did this a … Continue reading

Frugal Lessons from The Amish: Giving Up Your Vacuum

Can giving up your vacuum really save you money? Vacuum cleaners use large amounts of electricity, require the purchase of bags and filters, and eventually need costly repair or replacement. Eliminating this piece of equipment can save you money. I know, I know. You are shaking your head at me again. How on earth can I possibly recommend giving up your vacuum? While it is great being frugal, no one wants to live in a dirty house, right? I don’t know about you, but I use my big vacuum on a daily basis. I have three small children worth of … Continue reading