Frugal Brownie Mixes

Just the other day, I posted an article about saving money on those expensive cookie mixes. Prepared food, such as cookie mixes can be a very expensive addition to your grocery bill. Well a comment by a reader asked if I had any ideas for frugal brownies intead of cookies. In fact, I do have a couple of tricks up my apron that allow me to save money on brownies. I did post an article back in February that gave some tried and true tips. It was called Frugal Tips for Brownies, and it mostly covered baking brownies from scratch, … Continue reading


Do you have your milk in hand yet? You’ll need to eat these with a glass of milk–it’s a given. They are simply too deliciously moist and chewy and gooey to partake of without the milk. Also, if you’re into cake like brownies, these are not for you. The addition of a whole package of milk chocolate makes even the finished brownies too gooey to come anywhere near cake like. But oh my, if these aren’t yummy. For the crust you will need. . . 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 sticks of butter 2 teaspoons of cinnamon (optional) For … Continue reading

Frugal Food: Make Some Muffins

If you know how to make muffins, you can reduce your breakfast bill! My kids are real cereal hogs. They can consume a box of cereal in one day. This can be a very expensive habit, as a single box of cereal can cost $4 or more! One of the ways I combat the cereal habit to reduce my grocery bill is to make muffins. Muffins are so easy to make. They only require a few ingredients and can be made with just about anything, including leftovers. For example, make up some corn muffin batter and fill your muffin tin … Continue reading

Frugal Tips for Brownies

The whiff of baking brownies is one that sends every kid running for the kitchen. Believe it or not, you can actually save quite a bit of money on brownies with a secret frugal tip. Call it baking brownies the frugal way! The most economical way to bake brownies, of course is by scratch. You can find lots of tasty recipes over at the Food blog. Find a recipe that you like and then apply this tip to save money. Sure you could use a store bought mix to bake brownies, but unless you can combine coupons and deals (see … Continue reading

Fine Dining for Camping: Not Your Mother’s S’mores

I’m sure some of you have noticed a week long absence in the food blog. Our family went camping last week–and we have survived it well enough to come back and tell you what we ate! Okay truthfully, we chose a camping spot that was close enough to my in-laws that if we had issues we could flee to refuge! The first night it poured buckets and buckets of rain and so we spent the night inside the centrally air conditioned home of my lovely in-laws. However, we did make it out the subsequent night and went to town on … Continue reading

Search Your Bookmarks (Safari)

If you want to search among your sea of bookmarks, you’ll love this tip! I don’t know about you, but I collect bookmarks in my web browser faster than our dining room floor collects crumbs, and with three small children, that is saying something. There are always times where I am searching for something on the Internet, and I come across something great that I just don’t have time to dedicate to it just at that moment. Another way I wind up collecting lots of bookmarks is through recipes. There are a lot of great recipes out there, especially in … Continue reading

Week in Review: February 25-March 3

Need to catch up on your frugal reading? Here is the last week of articles in review. I apologize for being a day late with my review. We will be moving in less than 30 days and have begun packing in earnest. It is amazing how much stuff we have, even though I could have sworn that we have decluttered everything we possibly could. We may a bit of a packing dent in the basement, the office and the kitchen. Anyone need a George Foreman Grill? A very dear friend gave it to me, but I haven’t used it once, … Continue reading

Five Great Uses for Coffee Cans

Coffee cans come in many different sizes, are enormous in their largest size and can hold a lot of different stuff. They can be used in many ways. It’s the traditional trash to treasure concept when you are staring at a coffee can. What can I make out of one? Here are some great ways to recycle and reuse your coffee cans: Bank Coffee cans make really cool banks. Just cut a slit in the lid and start saving. Once the can is full, you can roll the change and use it to treat yourself to something nice. And if … Continue reading