4 Frugal and Free Easter Goodies for the Kids

Celebrate Easter and thrill your little ones all while still staying frugal. Like so many frugal practices, it not about doing without but in how you go about getting what you need. Even the Easter Bunny is tightening its belt these days, it seems. Here is some advice that will keep the Easter bunny on track no matter how many little ones he has to deliver to. Baskets If you don’t already have the baskets you need around your home, just get creative. An inexpensive sand bucket usually costs less than an Easter Basket and is a bonus toy that … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Gifts with Heart

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American will spend approximately $125 on Valentine’s Day gifts this year. What the… A hundred twenty five bucks on high-calorie chocolate that will force you to spend even more time in the gym and overpriced flowers that probably won’t live to see the weekend? I barely have enough money to fill up my car now that gas prices have jumped 20 cents in less than 10 days. Believe me; no one in my house is spending or receiving Love Day gifts that exceed $5… if that. Just call me the Valentine’s Day … Continue reading

Inexpensive Valentine Decorations

Valentine’s Day decorating can be a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love all of the hearts in their colors of red and pink. It is just the thing to brighten up a drab winter month, celebrate your love of your special someone or your family and bring a little cheerfulness into your home. Another great thing about decorating for Valentine’s Day is that is a a fun activity for the kids to do, too. Children love cutting out hearts, adding glitter and all of the other activities associating with decorating for Valentine’s Day. You can also have fun surprising a … Continue reading

Cute and Frugal Valentine Idea

You can make Valentine’s special without spending a lot of money on candy and trinkets. It really is the thought that counts, and you can make those thoughts shine and stand out this Valentine’s Day. In this age of mobile media, texting, Facebook and email, a long lost art can be revived to make a really special gift. I am talking about the love letter. But wait. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of writing a love letter from scratch. Instead make the letter whimsical with the use of conversation hearts. Conversation hearts are the little heart-shaped candies that come … Continue reading

Fun and Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts

With some of these creative ideas, you’ll be able to get Valentine’s gifts for all of the sweethearts in your life. Make it fun and frugal. Valentine Gifts for Kids Sneakers with fun designs are in demand for girls right now. If you don’t want to spend $50 on one of these types of sneakers, make them yourself. Purchase an inexpensive pair of tennis shoes or other plain sneakers on sale. Then using fabric markers, add some fun Valentine’s designs. To make them really special, add the child’s name as well. Create a little card craft kit. First check with … Continue reading

Fun, Frugal Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Wouldn’t it be fun to frugally celebrate Valentine’s Day? Forget the $12 boxes of chocolate from the drugstore or the $45 flowers from the florist. Instead, celebrate with some great ideas that will put you in the mood but won’t add to your expenses. In the Kitchen Have the family create a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with something full of love from the kitchen. Roll out pizza dough to form a heart shaped pizza and add your favorite toppings. Serve heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and make heart shaped sugar cookies. Basically, any food that you … Continue reading

An Old-Fashioned Valentine’s

Every one is a little strapped for cash these days, but you do not have to spend a lot of money to make things special. Some of the best gifts that we receive cost little money or nothing at all. You and your mate can celebrate an old-fashioned Valentine’s Day instead. There will be no stress in the financial department. The only stress that you may have is trying to discover your inner creativity! Challenge your mate to a stress free Valentine’s Day by making each other something with your own two hands and creative hard work. This could be … Continue reading

Frugal Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is creeping up. Here is how to come up with some great gifts without worrying about having to add an extra line item to next month’s budget. You can have the opportunity to give a great Valentine’s gift or gifts without spending much. Gift basket under $5 Head over to your nearest dollar or discount store. Chances are that you can put together a great gift basket for less than $5, including the basket. Pick out a few special things that might be available there. If that isn’t enough, supplement the basket with baked goods, homemade crafts, samples … Continue reading

Sexy Valentine’s Gifts for Your Spouse

Valentine’s Day will be here in just two weeks! Are you prepared? Although I have a few ideas, I haven’t narrowed anything down just yet. Of course, the are the standard gift ideas, such as cards, flowers and chocolate treats, but this year why not tell your spouse how much you still desire him or her? Sure, you could go to the local naughty shop and pick out something, but why not find something a little more sophisticated or personal? The following ideas are meant to inspire you. Pick up a couple of your favorite lingerie catalogues filled with stuff … Continue reading

A Different Approach to Valentine’s Day

‘Valentine’s Day is every day, or it should be.’ That’s what my darling husband said when I told him the title of my yesterday’s blog. You see, he agrees with me in thinking Valentines Day is overrated. He also believes, as I do, there’s no point making a big fuss over your spouse on that one day of the year if you’re not going to keep it up every day of every year. Okay, so you may not be able to afford gifts every day of the year, (and neither should you have to) but you can still show by … Continue reading