Adventures at Disney World

Your family is desperate for a Disney World vacation. They’ve been begging you to go for ages, but you just can’t get into the idea. Amusement parks aren’t your thing. Sure, there’s stuff like the Animal Kingdom and special events at Epcot, but even on an off-season Disney might just be too crowded for you. You’re the outdoorsy type, you love adventure. In fact, Adventures by Disney would be more your speed, but that’s way too expensive. You’re in luck, because a little-known fact about Disney World is that there’s tons to do there that one wouldn’t associate with amusement … Continue reading

Test Your Driving Mettle at Epcot’s Test Track

Disney World sure is the park for auto buffs. First it has the already-profiled Richard Petty Driving Experience, and it also contains Epcot’s Test Track. I guess Disneyland might start to compete a bit with Cars Land, but until we know more about that attraction it’ll be hard to tell. An amusement park might not be a car nut’s ideal vacation, but if they’re already there for other reasons, at least they’ll have more to do than at another park. I almost profiled Test Track as another Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney feature, but kids 7 and older are allowed … Continue reading

Disney Park Secrets: The Mark Twain Riverboat

After exploring the Hidden Magic of Disney World I decided to start a new recurring column: uncovering secrets of the Disney Parks. Today focuses on a special ride at Disneyland: the Mark Twain Riverboat. The ship sidles its way for twelve minutes around the Rivers of America attraction, taking guests for a short scenic cruise. Horns and bells are used to signify the arrival and departure of the Riverboat, and also to communicate specific messages to other crafts also sluicing through the waters, the Rafts to Pirate’s Lair and Davy Crockett’s Explorer canoes. What’s so special about the Mark Twain … Continue reading

Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney: Epcot

Given that Disney World is a family friendly park there aren’t a lot of places there that are exclusive for adults. Today I’ve decided to focus on somewhere that, although it contains plenty for kids as well, would also make a fun day out for grown-ups. Many of the Epcot attractions I’ll look at might also appeal to some kids, but I tried to choose things that would better hold an adult’s interest. When I think of Epcot the World Showcase comes first to mind. Epcot is home to pavilions dedicated to 11 different countries from across the globe. Each … Continue reading

Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney: The BoardWalk

It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these, so I thought I’d introduce the column again. In this recurring feature, I like to put a spotlight on activities at one or more of the Disney parks that are perfect for adults adventuring at Disney sans kids. I realize that my pick for this month’s column on fun for grown-ups at Disney might seem a little strange. When I was younger my family went to the beach nearly every year, sometimes on our own and sometimes as a part of a group trip. A tour around the boardwalk was always … Continue reading

Progressive Cooking Class for Adults

When some of Downtown Disney’s restaurants offered progressive cooking classes for kids in June, I complained a little bit. I loved the idea for children, but I was jealous that adults weren’t given the same opportunity. Well someone must have listened, or more likely, listened to feedback from those who actually attended the classes with their kids last month. Now, one month after three Downtown Disney restaurants opened their doors to introduce kids to the professional culinary world, those very establishments are doing the same thing for adults. On July 10 Fulton’s Crab House, Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Cafe, and Portobello … Continue reading

Fun for Grown-Ups at Disney: The Spas

When I last talked about fun things for adults to do alone at Disney, I highlighted a fast-paced thrill ride. Today I’m going to talk about a service Disney features that is perfect for winding down after racing around the tracks at the Richard Petty Experience: spas. Several of the hotels at Disney Parks have spas, but Disney World in particular boasts a few larger ones worthy of note: the Grand Floridian, Saratoga Springs, and Mandara. These three offer an extra level of pampering ideal for a vacation all about taking time to relax. The Balinese-themed Mandara spa can actually … Continue reading

Disney’s New Destination D

Remember when I talked about Disney’s new fan club D23, and couldn’t decide whether or not to join? The price of membership was a little high, and I was mostly interested in the earlier and cheaper ticket benefits D23 members get for the D23 Disney convention. A Disney convention sounds like a playground to me. Only tickets for the convention are open to the public, not just fan club members, hence my indecision. Well, it looks like it’ll be another year before I need to make up my mind. Disney execs have decided not to hold the D23 convention again … Continue reading

Bus Crashes at Disney World

I haven’t addressed the constant crashes at Disney parks because I figured that these things happen. I didn’t want to contribute to alarmism, and I thought I’d wait and see how Disney addressed the problem. But the crashes keep happening, so I’m wondering what’s going on. It’s really getting inexcusable. Three accidents within less than three weeks. Several people have been injured, and in one horrible incident, a nine-year-old boy was killed. Parks have accidents, and that’s something we accept when we go to them. But if this were a ride that had that many accidents within a short period … Continue reading

Monthly Payment Plan for Disney World in Works

Disney World Annual pass holders get all sorts of perks: constant easy entry into the park, parking benefits, admission into special exhibits like the Richard Petty Driving Experience, and more. Now Disney might add another bonus to that list: a monthly payment plan. A monthly payment plan would allow pass holders to pay their fees in smaller installments, rather than having to pay the full amount all at one time. This opens up the benefits of the annual pass to more people, those who may not have been able to pay the total cost all at once. For current pass … Continue reading