More Halloween Events for Kids with Special Needs

Halloween is happening soon! This year, the holiday is taking place on a Wednesday. This means that there will be events happening this weekend, and through the week. There are plenty of Halloween events that are designed for children who have special needs to attend. Here are some more of them to check out. On October 25, 2012, Marbles Kids Museum, which is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, will host a Family Fun Night Spooktacular for children who have special needs and their families. Children are encouraged to wear Halloween costumes. The event is set up to allow children who … Continue reading

Halloween Events for Kids With Special Needs

Halloween can be fun, but it can also be scary. Not every Halloween event is designed to accommodate kids who have special needs, but there are starting to be more of them happening. The “trick” is to find them! Here is a list of upcoming Halloween events that are for children who have special needs. On October 23, 2012, the Valley Church, which is located in West Des Moines, Iowa, will hold “The Great Pumpkin Party”. There will be more than one event, but the party designed for children who have special needs will happen on October 23. It will … Continue reading

Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

Ready to have some fun without the frightful prices that Halloween can bring? Believe it or not, it isn’t too early to thinking of ways to save on those Halloween costumes. With holidays seeming to creep up earlier and earlier these days, you might find that last minute waiting means that you just might pay full price to outfit your gang in Halloween costumes. Now that is scary! Here are some ways to save (hint: you don’t have to be a sewing Goddess, either) Use Themed Clothing This time of year, there are plenty of Halloween themed t-shirts and sweat … Continue reading

Keeping Your Little Ones Safe this Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away. Have you planned out your trick-or-treating route yet? It is important to make sure your children are trick-or-treating in a familiar area and know exactly where they are going the night of Halloween. The last thing you would want is your child to wander off and get lost in the middle of nowhere! Always make sure there is an adult with your child. Some kids like to go trick-or-treating in a big group of friends. While there tends to be safety in numbers it is still important to have at least one adult … Continue reading

I Miss Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching. I love Halloween, I dress up every year at work and then I usually go to at least one Halloween party so I like coming up with different costumes all the time. Now that Hailey is older there isn’t the excitement of letting loose and running from house to house knocking on doors, she still dresses up but now she is usually going somewhere with friends. It’s funny how much all the holiday’s change when you get divorced, even Halloween. When I was married the subdivision we lived in was full of kids so as soon … Continue reading

More Fun Than Freaky

My daughter is in the second grade, but she still freaks out when she sees scary Halloween decorations. She’s terrified of the bloody limbs, moving skeletons and rolling eyeballs. Consequently, we tend to stick to the kid-friendly Halloween events and parties that pop up around our small community this time of year. No tours of haunted mansions, creepy corn mazes or ghost towns for my kid. Rather, we’ve been spending weekends at fall festivals that have allowed her to sample the fun side of a horrifying holiday. Some of the games she’s had a blast playing at the local fests … Continue reading

Celebrating Halloween as a Family

For many families, celebrating Halloween as a unit typically consists of kids gathering free treats from around the neighborhood and parents raiding the sweet loot once the kiddos hit the sack. Not exactly traditional holiday bonding. If you are looking to really show the world how working together as a clan on Halloween can strengthen family ties, then why not go all out by dressing up in themed costumes? Group costumes promote camaraderie and creativity. What’s more, it’s fun to trick-or-treat as a family in complementary costumes. Just ask your neighbors who are sure to get a kick out of … Continue reading

Fun Fall Decorations

DIY crafts have seen a spike in popularity since the economy tanked and has yet to rebound completely. According to a new survey, an increasing number of homeowners are putting the brakes on buying new seasonal decorations, and instead are channeling their inner Martha Stewart, and making crafts on their own. Now that autumn has officially arrived, now is the time to see how creative you can get on a shoestring budget. If you are new to DIY crafts, you may be surprised by how much fun it can be to create your own decorations. And if the process doesn’t … Continue reading

Sharing is Fun

Did you know that Halloween is one of the best times of the year to teach your kids about the joys of sharing? Seriously. The holiday that typically focuses on the philosophy of gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, get, get, get, can also yield a valuable lesson in sharing with others. Whereas most kids would rather go to bed an hour early each night rather than share some of their Halloween loot, with a little prompting you can help your children make a huge difference by spreading out their candy wealth. There are dozens of organizations looking for Halloween candy donations this … Continue reading

How Insurance Underwriters See Halloween

One of the fun things you can do to celebrate Halloween is visit one of those local haunted house attractions set up by a group in your community. For most people, this is good, scary, fun. For insurance underwriters though, it’s a whole lot more scary than it is fun. Where the rest of us see a good time, an underwriter sees potential insurance claims, waiting to happen. Let’s face it, Halloween is a truly bizarre holiday. The things we do to celebrate Halloween are not things that most of us would even consider doing at other times of the … Continue reading