Home Editing

How often do you edit? If you are a writer like myself, you edit after every article. You remove excess words. You correct errors. You reorganize and you clean up. The same must be done in our homes regularly. The reasons we must practice home editing is human nature. We live in our space and things get out of order. We purchase new things and add them to what we already have. Before long, our homes get crowded, decorating don’ts just do, and we must clean up and re-arrange to make sense of it all. If you think of your … Continue reading

Furniture Placement 102: Odd Shaped and Unusual Rooms

(cc) image by Christopher Barson/flickr In Furniture Placement 101 I gave some basics about placing furniture that will help you greatly in arranging a room. The rules are simple enough to follow in a normal rectangular room with only one traffic pattern, but what do you do in rooms that are oblong, filled with windows, or L or other oddly shaped rooms? Long Rectangular rooms: Create multiple furniture arrangements in a long room. Have each portion of the room serve a different purpose. You should however avoid splitting the room evenly in two. For example, you can have music or … Continue reading