Baby Names in My Family

This weekend, I will be attending my cousin’s baby shower. I am very excited because she is my favorite cousin and she’s the second one of the eight of us cousins to have a baby. I am even more excited because she is going to have a little boy and I have a little boy. Family gatherings are going to be very, very interesting in a year or two as Declan and Dylan get to know each other and play together at family gatherings. The topic of baby names is always an interesting one. One thing that Dylan and Declan … Continue reading

Popular Baby Names Reveal Popular Culture

Genealogists can learn quite a bit from the first names of their ancestors. Sometimes, a first name can give you clues about the heritage of an ancestor. There are many families who have certain names that are handed down from one generation to another one. Often, though, parents are inspired by the popular culture when they name their babies. A first name can give a glimpse into what your ancestor’s social world was like. There is now a list of the most popular baby names for 2010, for both boys and girls, which comes from data compiled by the Social … Continue reading

A Day For Celebrating Unique Names

This week is Celebrate Your Name Week, and each day is dedicated to a specific, special, way to celebrate your name, and the names of others. Today, Tuesday, March 8, 2011, is the day entirely dedicated to names that are unique. Does someone in your family have an unusual first name? Yesterday, was Fun Facts Monday, a day when it is perfectly acceptable to google yourself, and find out if there is anyone else with an online presence that shares your name. Yesterday, I used a website called “How Many Of Me”. I learned that there are one hundred and … Continue reading

Were Any Of Your Ancestors A New Year’s Baby?

If you do genealogical research, you have probably collected many names and many dates that are associated with those names. There is the date of birth, date of marriage, date of military service, and so on until the date of death. As the New Year approaches, it might be fun to look back at the birth dates of your ancestors. Is anyone in your family tree a New Year’s baby? I personally do not know of anyone, family or friend, who has a birthday of January 1. Of course, like any other day of the year, plenty of people are … Continue reading

Tips For Great Family Photos

The holidays are a wonderful time for taking pictures of your family. Groups of relatives gather for dinners, parties, caroling, cookie baking, and many other fun activities. Photographs provide depth and feeling to any family history archive, whether they are simply placed in albums or elaborately scrapbooked. Here are some tips for capturing your family’s magical holiday moments without devoting your entire holiday to taking pictures. After all, there are so many fun things going on that you do not want to be on the sidelines with a camera the whole time. Unless, of course, you get an amazing new … Continue reading

Genealogists Reveal List Of Worst Baby Names Ever

Celebrities are notorious for choosing unique and unusual names for their children. Perhaps being the child of a celebrity makes it easier to go through life with a first name like Suri, Shiloh, Apple, Kid, Moxie CrimeFighter, or Pilot Inspecktor. However, it’s not just celebrities who choose strange names for their children. Two genealogists have revealed a list of the worst baby names found in the U.S. Census. Michael Sherrod and Matthew Rayback, from the super popular genealogy website called, have compiled a list of the worst baby names that were ever bestowed upon the children of “regular people”. … Continue reading