Staying Motivated While Using an Elliptical Machine

I started using an elliptical machine when I was a teenager. Now I am on my second machine and I still love it. Elliptical machines are a great addition for your at-home gym. They can seem a bit pricey but they last 5-10 years. The best thing is that it is great for days when you don’t want to workout outside. My elliptical has a built-in fan that is especially useful for hot days. Here are some ideas to keep you motivated while working out on your elliptical machine. This can be applied to other indoor cardio machines as well. … Continue reading

Staying Motivated In Genealogy

Has the following happened to you? First, you come across a document or record that gets your genealogy research going in some direction. Then, you find another document or record and begin to think that you are on a roll. Then…..nothing. For hours. Your patience and enthusiasm run out, and before you know it you have closed the books on another genealogy research session that you thought was going to be more productive. Such is genealogy. Sometimes it goes and it flows, and sometimes…..not so much. Instead of letting an unproductive research session, dead end, or brick wall put the … Continue reading

Getting Past Discouragement

Last week I expressed some discouragement over the lack of change I was seeing in my body, despite eating healthier and exercising for two months now. I pleaded with others to “Develop a Healthier Lifestyle Earlier in Life” because I am seeing the affects of waiting until you are older. Because I was feeling discouraged, I ended up caving in this past weekend to food that I should not have. I think deep down inside I was thinking, “What’s the use? I might as well eat what I want.” Then my treadmill got moved over the weekend to a spot … Continue reading

Getting Fit With Video Games

The newest concept in getting fit is with video games and it appears to be a success. The Nintendo company has managed to find a way to play games, have fun and get people up and moving all at the same time. Challenging people to many activities has gotten people to play the games often in order to perfect their score. After all, who doesn’t want to be the best? This boils down to more movement and less sitting. Hey, however you have to get people motivated, right? In this new form of exercise, video exercise, you control the movements … Continue reading

Ten Things to Say to Yourself to Stay Motivated

In the process of losing weight many people become disinterested, discouraged, and unmotivated. Sometimes it is just too much of a temptation with all of the delicious foods that surrounds us. Sometimes we become discouraged because we are not losing weight fast enough. That would be me. I know that it takes 3500 calories to lose one pound, but it just does not seem right and totally not fair, but it is fact. If you can get yourself in the mindset and focus on your ultimate goal, you can conquer the battle on the weight war. Here are some helpful … Continue reading

Getting Fit: No More Excuses

With the holidays fast approaching many people find themselves sucked into the shopping vortex. To-do lists are growing and finding time to get everything done is challenging to say the least. The months of November and December are also the time of year when many people slack on their fitness routines because they simply can’t find the time to get in a workout. Personally, I feel the opposite should be true. This is the time of year when you should try even harder to maintain your exercise regimen. After all, most of us tend to eat more during the holiday … Continue reading

Motivating Your Kids to Move

These days that might be tougher than finding a TV commercial that’s not politically motivated. For millions of kids the idea of putting down video game controls and picking up a bike to ride is a foreign concept. This, despite the fact that the federal government recently announced new fitness recommendations for all Americans. The guidelines stipulate at least 60 minutes a day of moderate or vigorous activity for children ages 6 to 17. Federal officials also noted that parents should be creating opportunities for their children to be physically active and encouraging them to consistently participate in those activities. … Continue reading

Getting Motivated to Move

After a long day at the office or at home running after kids and running a household how many of us really want to lace up our running shoes and hit the pavement? I would venture to guess that most people would prefer to prop up their feet on the couch than slip their tootsies into workout shoes. That’s where self-motivation comes in. People are motivated by different things. If you are trying to lose weight so you can fit into your wedding dress you might not mind going for a run after work. Or, maybe you are determined to … Continue reading

Getting Things Going Again after a Stall

Sometimes, we hit a road block. Things stall or even come to what seems like a complete stop. It can seem incredibly daunting to try to get things going again after such a lull—especially for a single parent. Getting motivated and finding our way out of a situation that has come to a standstill isn’t easy—but it is entirely possible! I do not know how many times I have been humming along in life and suddenly everything changes. Sometimes, it is a gradually slowing down but often times I just hit a roadblock whether at work, with family or in … Continue reading

Need to Get Motivated? Consider Community Service

I maintain that running a solid, successful business and being an involved community member go hand-in-hand. Some of the most successful business people I have known have also been quite involved in community and civic projects. Now, I’m not just talking about writing a check or making a donation here—I think that spending some time on community service is one of the best ways to motivate oneself and invigorate a small business. Community service can be anything that moves you and that you feel passionate about. If you are volunteering just to make contacts or choosing a cause that is … Continue reading