Welcoming Houseguests

Summertime is the season of houseguests. I think everyone has at least one every year. My mom will be coming to visit for my sisters wedding so I’m getting ready for her company. In addition to cleaning the house I need to get the room she will sleep in ready. There are some basic things you can do to make your houseguests stay a little nicer. Bathroom Lots of clean towels, easily accessible Extra rolls of toilet paper in a convenient place Toiletries- usually when staying at someone else’s home you don’t bring shampoo and toothpaste so make sure they … Continue reading

Getting Ready to Roll This Summer

And so it begins… the countdown to the craziest summer rides around. Today was the official unveiling of a wooden roller coaster dubbed the “Zippin Pippin” at Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My 6-year-old is dying to take a spin on the legendary thrill ride, which is considered one of the oldest existing wooden roller coasters in the United States. It was recently transported to northeast Wisconsin and now anchors the family-friendly theme park. We’ll see next week if my daughter is tall enough to make her summer dream come true. In the meantime, there are a … Continue reading

Gay Parents Ready to Roll at White House

Gay and lesbian parents and their children are getting ready to roll at the White House Monday… Easter eggs that is. Protestors will be on hand too as President Obama and his family welcome thousands of children and their parents to the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Personally, I doubt the hoopla surrounding the Obama administration’s decision to allocate tickets for the upcoming Easter event to gay and lesbian parents will get much press coverage considering there’s an even bigger event taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Easter Monday. Rumor has it that after months of anticipation, the Obama’s … Continue reading

Home Blog Month in Review: October

As I sit here looking out my window at the backyard, the birds are hovering in the pine tree against a strong wind and steady rain. The temperature is chilly today, and the calendar reminds me that we have left October behind. October 1st Buy a Home for $1.75 It seems that the housing crisis has made some interesting news lately. Home Month in Review: September 2008 Has the weather turned cooler now that September has passed? Pretty soon, it will be time to get that heat turned back on! Meanwhile, check out all of the articles that were posted … Continue reading

Getting Ready for Guests

With the holidays only a month or two away, now is the perfect time to make sure that you are ready for guests, whether invited or unexpected. You can make your guests feel at home not matter whether you have a complete guest suite or just an air mattress. Here are some tips on becoming prepared. Trust me, it will make the upcoming season much easier. First determine where your guests will be staying. Do you have a designated room or an area of the home? Make sure that you have everything you need, including furniture, such as a bed, … Continue reading

“New Kids” Planning to Reunite—Are You Ready for This?

First it was the Backstreet Boys, now it’s New Kids on the Block. What’s next… a 98 Degrees reunion? In case you haven’t heard the good (or bad, depending on if you were a fan) news, word has it the legendary boy band New Kids on the Block is getting back together. If you grew up in the ‘90s then you likely swooned with the rest of the nation over Jonathan Knight (who is now a 40-year-old real estate developer), Donnie Wahlberg (a 38-year-old singer turned actor), Joey McIntyre (a 35-year-old new dad and former “Dancing with the Stars contestant), … Continue reading

Home Safety: Entertaining Holiday Guests

Safety. It may not be the first thing we think about when entertaining holiday guests. We’re busy getting things ready for the holidays, and preparing the guest room and other spaces to ensure that our guests are happy and comfortable throughout their stay. Whether guests are visiting for the day, or coming for an extended visit, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Dangers Lurking in Luggage Our guests may not have small children or pets in their homes and may not realize that their luggage could be an invitation for kids or pets to explore something … Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Holidays

The key to enjoying the holidays, and all the great foods that we seem to have around the holidays, while sticking to a healthy eating and lifestyle plan is moderation. Yes, everybody says it and everybody certainly knows it, but few of us actually manage to put it into practice. For those of us who can’t seem to manage the moderation thing, here are a few tricks and tips to get you through the holidays without having to gain the usual ten pounds that the average American gains between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. At Home: Plan some diet friendly … Continue reading

Getting the Guest Room Ready for Guests

You’ll often hear that each room should have a separate function, and that makes sense if you have plenty of space. However, if your guest room does double duty, say as a home office, you can still make it into a comfortable space for company. By making the guest area the focus of the room, your guests won’t feel like they’re sleeping in your office. Stand in the doorway of the guest room and see what you notice first (a tried and true trick for discovering focal points). If it doesn’t look like a guest room from the entrance, a … Continue reading

Overnight Guests? Use Your Camper or RV as a Guest Room

If you plan on entertaining guests over Fourth of July (or anytime really) there is no reason that you cannot transform your camper or RV into a guest house or guest room. Of course, you don’t want guests to feel like you’re saying, “Go to your room,” but you might just find that they too will appreciate a little extra space and privacy. Of course, it depends on your guests, and you are the best person to judge the situation. If you already have a nice guest room or guest house, you may not need this option. However, if you … Continue reading