Ginger for Nausea

Ginger is a natural way to curb morning sickness. While it may not work for everyone, it was the only thing that seemed to help me. I kept a few ginger chews with me at all times (chewy ginger candy with a powdered sugar coating). You can usually find ginger chews online or in specialty stores. I used to be able to find them at our local Costco World Market before it went out of business. Ginger candy is also available in sucker form, such as Preggie Pops, which you can find at Walgreens or Target. There are other ways … Continue reading

First Aid for Nausea

Thankfully, nausea doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to throw up. Nausea is the sensation that accompanies the urge to vomit. Other feelings that may show up with nausea (feeling sick to your stomach) can include: feeling weak or sweaty and having too much saliva in your mouth. Sometimes, nausea (and vomiting) is a sign of some other illness. Common causes for nausea can include: a virus, food poisoning, stress and other mental health issues, some medications, migraines, inner ear issues, drug and/or alcohol abuse, and pregnancy. Occasional nausea can often be treated at home. Here are some things to try: … Continue reading

Home Remedies for Nausea

The last time I was on antibiotics, I was very sensitive to sunlight. This time around, I’m having a hard time with nausea. It’s been bad enough that I actually did end up throwing up. Yuck! Everyone I’ve mentioned this to had a different remedy for me to try. A coworker gave me flat soda to drink. My mom suggested eating dry toast. A friend offered me Pepto, but after tossing my antibiotics, I didn’t want to take any more medication that might come back to haunt me. So what can you do for nausea (whether it’s related to medications … Continue reading

Ginger: Not Just for Ale and Snaps!

Ginger has a long history in the kitchen AND in health care. Throughout Asia and Europe, the “root” has been a popular ingredient in cooking and a popular remedy for more than one ailment. Ginger isn’t actually a root, as it turns out — although we call it ginger root. The lumpy, bumpy “root” is actually a rhizome. What’s a rhizome, you ask? A rhizome is an underground stem from which plants grow. Shoots can form at the joints of the root as it grows horizontally. What can ginger do for your health? Settle your stomach. Ginger is great for … Continue reading

Nausea in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Nausea and “morning sickness” is often associated with the first trimester of pregnancy. For some women, this can really interfere with daily life and is just plain miserable. However the problem isn’t confined to the first trimester, nausea is also fairly common in the third trimester. In the late stages of pregnancy, nausea is common after eating. There are a few potential causes of nausea in the third trimester. Hormonal changes occur throughout pregnancy. They can get you in the first trimester, as is so common, or can happen later in the pregnancy as levels continue to fluctuate. Nausea after … Continue reading

Mega Morning Sickness

Kate Middleton’s baby is due to arrive any day now. The royal newborn will make the Duchess and Prince William first-time parents. It’s hard to tell who is more excited about the impending birth—Kate and Wills or the paparazzi. Middleton is said to be counting down the days to motherhood by clothes shopping near her parents’ home. Her retail therapy is a far cry from her hospitalization for severe morning sickness earlier in her pregnancy. Duchess Kate admitted to suffering from an acute form of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum.  The serious-sounding condition can level even the toughest moms-to-be.  Doctors … Continue reading

Homemade Hangover Cures

Need a homemade hangover cure for yourself or friends and family? Take your pick, here is the latest advice on what to do to cure a hangover, as well as some classic hangover cures. Please note that the best way to avoid a hangover is to not overindulge in alcohol. Also, this blog is informational only and not intended to provide medical advice. Milk Thistle Hangover Cure This year, New Years Eve partygoers are stocking up on capsules of milk thistle as insurance against an achy head that results from too much drinking the night before. Once used centuries ago … Continue reading

My Little Turkey

That’s my little turkey during her second Thanksgiving meal. Her first Turkey Day celebration is a blur. She was pull-your-hair-out colicky and too young for solids. However, I’m positive she got at least a hint of spice while she was nursing, given how much pumpkin pie I scarfed down that day… and the next day… and the next day. I love pumpkin pie. But not as much as I love my little turkey. Only, she’s not so little any more. Now, she’s a big turkey, and she’s got the mouth to prove it. When she was a little, she’d wobble … Continue reading

Pregnancy Awareness Month (Part II)

With the support of “Healthy Child Healthy Word.” P.A.M. are getting the word out about healthy pregnancy. Today’s blog will focus on what P.A.M. has found to be the Five Things Pregnant Woman Complain About. Number One: Excess Weight Gain Pregnancy plays quite the number on the pregnant woman’s body. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes into storage mode. So that pint of ice cream you could eat pre-pregnancy and burn off with a good cardio, isn’t going to happen during pregnancy. The recommended weight gain for a pregnant women with a healthy BMI is 25-35 pounds. There are many … Continue reading

Product Review: Mother’s Tranquil Tummy

Recently I had the opportunity to try “Mother’s Tranquil Tummy” crackers from Nature’s Options. They sent me a few boxes of the bite size ginger saltine crackers to test out. Tranquil Tummy crackers are bite size saltine crackers with 250mg of all natural ginger designed to treat nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness and reactions to medications. They come in little blue single serving packets of twelve crackers each. Each serving is only 45 calories, so it’s unlikely to put a huge dent in your diet, even if you eat four packets in one day (the maximum recommended servings). … Continue reading