Born-Again Christians a Potential Threat to Mental Health Sufferers (2)

In our last blog in this series, we looked at how Joyce, an elder of her church, introduced a victim of sexual crime who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to a “so-called” Christian counselor, the latter telling the afflicted woman that “God had given her this burden to work through”. As I discussed previously, this is a cruel and untrue statement, but to say such things to a person who is distressed and struggling under an enormous load is nothing short of sadistic. And yet these misguided “Christians continue to have the arrogance to believe that they can cure … Continue reading

God Cares about Your Mental Health

I’m beginning a new series on mental, emotional and spiritual health. It’s not something that is always looked at from a spiritual standpoint though for us as believers, it should be. We know from reading Ephesians chapter 6 that there is a spirit realm and an enemy of our soul. It is Satan who hates us and wants destruction in our lives. He mission is to rob, kill and destroy us. Though God is gracious and merciful to help us, the choice of who we are to serve is up to us. Satan is crafty and does not tempt everyone … Continue reading

Seeing God As Our Father

For those who didn’t have a dad growing up, or didn’t have a healthy one, it can be difficult to imagine God’s perfect love for us as our father. A good father provides, comforts, protects, disciplines, and loves us beyond what we can imagine. There are so many examples in the Bible about God’s goodness to us as a father. I would like to share with you a few of these scriptures. Father to the fatherless: How wonderful that He can fill that father role in the lives of those who don’t have a one! Psalm 68:5, “A father of … Continue reading

God’s Healing Power

When we think of another being healed, a malady or sickness that has passed naturally or with a doctor’s help may come to mind. When some hear of God healing another, they may assume the ailment was less likely to cure on its own; therefore believing the healing is God-given. I believe all healing is given by God. He has designed our bodies in such an amazing way! He has created anti-bodies to attack viruses and has given us skin to protect our organs. He created the ability for our blood to clot (we call scabs “God’s Band-Aids” in our … Continue reading

17 Years After Tragedy Strikes: Moving On

This is the conclusion on a 3 part series. To visit part 1 click here, to visit part 2 click here. So why was it after almost 17 years I lay awake grieving and feeling guilty about my friend Joy’s accident? I have hit a point in my life where there is a tremendous amount of contentment. I have a wonderful husband who is a great provider, two beautiful boys who’ve fulfilled my dreams of being a mother, a nice home, the coolest dog… I feel humbled and undeserving of such goodness. Joy will be turning twenty-nine this year and … Continue reading

Why We All Need a Sabbath

God commanded for us to rest on the Sabbath just like He had done after six days of creation. Jesus clarifies what the Sabbath is really about: “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” (Mark 2:27) It seems the Sabbath isn’t just a day of the week, but a time that God has given us of significance. In the Hebrew and Greek translations, Sabbath, it is said to be an intermission or rest from regular work. Throughout our week, we are likely busy doing this or that. Our bodies were not designed to keep going … Continue reading

Accountability Partners

Most Christians I’ve talked with seem to have a pretty good understanding of what an accountability partner is. It’s a fellow believer that you can go to for prayer requests, fellowship, study, and well of course, accountability. When choosing an accountability partner, it’s probably better you find someone other than your spouse and someone of the same gender as yourself. No one is going to understand women’s issues better than a woman, and no one will understand a man’s issues quite like a man. Typically, though not always, men and women tend to have different types of struggles. Women tend … Continue reading

Christmas Cheer or Christmas Fear

I wish I could say this time of the year was a time for joy and celebration for everyone. For some it’s a reminder of their lack. To others it might be a reminder that their loved one is really gone. Some find this season to be a time when once contained emotions surface ready to be dealt with in a new way. Christmas should be a time a time to really put into perspective whose birth it is that’s celebrated on this day and what the purpose of His coming was really about. The Lord Jesus has become such … Continue reading

Generational Curses

Are they real? Yes they are and it is so important when contemplating sin to understand consequences that can surpass the moment inflicting pain on future generations. We can read about the first generational curse in Genesis upon Adam and Eve’s consumption of the forbidden fruit. Although the curse from that still remains in labor and physical death, by our Lord’s grace and mercy, in accepting His gift of salvation, we can be spared eternal spiritual death (separation from God). We see stories throughout the Bible of curses affecting generations that are perhaps examples that God allowed to be shared … Continue reading

The Prayer of Jabez: Be With Me

“…that Your hand would be with me,…” Perhaps after asking God to bless you and to increase your territory, you are feeling a bit overwhelmed. You just can’t do it all by your own power and need your mighty Father’s hand to help you. Recognizing the need for the Lord’s hand in your life is such an important step in your walk toward abundant living. As acknowledged in: Joshua 4:24, “…that all the peoples of the earth may know the hand of the LORD, that is mighty, that you may fear the LORD your God forever.” Isaiah 59:1, “Behold, the … Continue reading