Going High-Tech

In my opinion, it is nearly impossible to take a bad photo with a digital camera. With all the high-tech gadgetry built into deluxe digital picture-taking devices, you really have to go out of your way to take a bad shot. And when you do, there’s a good chance that it can be fixed thanks to photo-editing software. I have yet to snap an image that can’t be improved with a little Photoshop detail. While you don’t need to be a tech whiz to work a digital camera, it helps if you are not afraid to experiment with various buttons … Continue reading

A different type of frugal blogger

What do you get when a spendthrift marries a frugal person? You get a frustrated frugal person. Being married to a man who loves to buy cool stuff, my in goal in life is either to talk him out of purchases, or to beat him to the punch. In other words, I find good deals on things he wants before he pays full price for them. With that said, I am new to the frugal blog, but not to families.com. I have been on the site for a couple of years now as the Homeschooling blogger. I now have the … Continue reading

Going High Tech for a Low Cost

For the truly frugal, staying away from high-tech devices can be one great way to save a lot of money. Think of the thousands you can save in a year by cutting out cell phones, DVDs, MP3 players, flat-screen televisions, cable television, computers, and more? But doing without these things is not always practical. Cell phones can help you keep in touch with your family and be reachable in an emergency, for example. And buying a flat-screen television or keeping up cable may just be something your family really wants, or a practical way to avoid more expensive forms of … Continue reading

When Your Prices are Too High or Expensive

We all need to make a living and we want to get paid a fair and lucrative price for the products or services we offer in our home businesses—but sometimes we might be charging too much or the economy may shift and what we are offering is simply too expensive for our market. While lowering prices may be painful and obvious, there are some pitfalls that go along with dropping prices that should also be avoided. Your prices should match the market you are selling too, as well as be comparable to your competitors and provide a reasonable value. They … Continue reading

Flour Prices Are High and Will Continue Rising!

You may have read my earlier blog where I warned that wheat and wheat products would be rising soon. I suggested that you stock up on flour, bread, cereal and other wheat-based products. I hope you heeded my advice because the prices are definitely “going through the roof.” And, these prices will continue to rise over the next few weeks or months. Scarcity The reality really hit home for me last week. A friend was traveling to Lancaster to pick up some goods. She offered to get me 25 pounds of flour. Unfortunately, there was no flour left to get. … Continue reading

Fast Internet Connection or Slow—How Much does it Matter in Business?

I recently upgraded my internet connection to cable internet and I have to admit, while I didn’t feel like things were particularly slow before, I do notice how speedy it is to get some work done now. I have been party to the debate about how important internet connection is for a home business a time or two and I cannot help but straddle the fence on this one—I think it all depends… If you just use your home business computer for e-mail correspondence and some desktop publishing, you might be able to save some money by going with a … Continue reading

Surviving a Low Thermostat

With heating costs being higher than ever, many of us are inching the thermostat lower and lower to save some money. There are plenty of strategies to save money on heating, such as installing a programmable thermostat, using zones heating, sealing up cracks, etc. But this blog isn’t about all of that. Instead, I’ll share some ways that you can be more comfortable in your home, even if you turn the temperature down. Just one little disclaimer. If you have anyone in your household who is elderly, sick or an infant, I wouldn’t try keeping a low thermostat. Conserve in … Continue reading

Obesity and Health Insurance Premiums

Does your employer offer wellness programs? Sometimes, employers determine the cost of a worker’s health insurance premium based on participation in this type of incentive program. In some cases, premium cost is connected to reaching certain health goals. Is this a fair way to treat workers who are obese? It has been said, for many years, that America has an “obesity epidemic”. In 2011, a study found that 32% of American men, and 35% of American women, were obese. If those trends continue, some health experts predict that about half of all the men and women in America will be … Continue reading

Benefits Cut for Disney World Premium Annual Passes

The lobby of the Grand Floridian, one of Disney World’s most exclusive hotels Walt Disney World continues to aggravate its most loyal fans, as it announced in December that discounts for premium annual pass members will be cut.  The Orlando Sentinel has all the details. Since 2010 Disney World’s been pulling back a lot on the discounts it offers various pass holders.  This time, the target is premium annual passes, which already cost around $750 (Florida residents get a discount at around $600).  Now the shopping discounts premium annual pass holders receive have been cut in half. Let’s take a … Continue reading

The Best Frugal Treats

It is okay to indulge yourself a bit and still stay on budget. Here are some of the best ideas for frugal (read inexpensive) treats that will make you smile. Something for the Tastebuds Go ahead an purchase a small piece of an expensive chocolate, an exotic spice, a favorite take out item (such as an egg roll or the best fries in the world) or whatever will make your tastebuds sing. It will feel like an indulgence but costs much less than a dinner out. Something for the Senses Indulging your senses can feel like a luxury, and you … Continue reading