Fun Father’s Day Reads

Forget about the tacky tie, fluorescent golf balls, and the tennis racket-shaped bug zapper.  What Dad really wants this Father’s Day is some quality time with the TV remote, his trusty recliner and a plate of bacon. Of course, what Dad wants for the upcoming holiday and what his enthusiastic young offspring want for him may be vastly different.  Fortunately, the following Father’s Day reads may be the key to compromise.  Kids can cuddle up with Dad on his favorite chair and share quality time reading the delightful holiday-themed page turners… while Mom cooks a pile of pork products for a post-story time … Continue reading

How to Make Halloween Easier for Kids With Autism

Halloween is a holiday that might be difficult for children who have an autism spectrum disorder to cope with. Things get decorated in unexpected ways. Social skills can falter when a person is wearing a costume. Here are some tips to make Halloween easier for kids who have autism. Start preparing your child now! If your child is in a Special Education classroom, there is a good possibility that his or her teacher has been slowly getting the students used to the idea that Halloween is coming, and has been discussing some of the changes that will happen. Awesome teachers … Continue reading

Ways to Save on Spooktacular Halloween Fun

Forget about bloody fangs, hanging skeletons and cackling witches, if you want a real scare leading up to Halloween, try filling up your gas tank in California. An unprecedented spike in fuel prices has added more than 50 cents a gallon to the Golden State’s pump prices. The AAA reported that gas prices hit a record of $4.67 per gallon on Monday morning, though market analysts say that number should fall in the coming weeks. Still, for many families the damage is already done. Now, it’s a matter of cutting back in other areas in order to stop the bleeding. … Continue reading

Affordable Fall Family Fun

The first day of autumn is just two weeks away, and just because Wal-Mart and Target already have their Christmas displays up doesn’t mean you should fast forward over this wonderful season. Fall is a great time to bond with your family in the great outdoors before Old Man Winter arrives and your kids refuse to move away from the warm TV. To help spice up the season, consider attending ones of the following fall-themed parades, festivals and kid-friendly events that won’t bust your family’s budget: Half Moon Art and Pumpkin Festival, San Francisco, California: On October 13-14, you can … Continue reading

A Grand Halloween Entrance

For a long time, there was an amazing Halloween house down the street. Every year on the stroke of the day before Halloween, the people who lived there would unload a piece of fabric as large as the front of their house and drape it from top to bottom, making the entire home look like a castle. From black lights to a giant skeleton superimposed on the tree across the street, their house was outstanding and no one could compete. Sadly, they moved away last year. However, their Halloween shenanigans inspired me to do more with my house on Halloween. … Continue reading

Celebrate Halloween All Day

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, most people focus on trick-or-treating or costume parties, both of which are traditionally nighttime events. However, in our family, Halloween is an all-day affair. Basically, we party from sun up to sun down. I’m kidding. Though, we do nosh from sunrise to the witching hour, on foods I make especially for the holiday. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (and the occasional late snack) all feature Halloween-inspired foods, including these favorites that I whipped up last year: PUMPKIN PECAN PANCAKES Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon … Continue reading

Save on Halloween Candy and Movies at Target

Ready for Halloween? It is not far away! Now is a great time to stock up on Halloween candy to hand out to all those trick-or-treaters. It is the perfect time of year to pop some popcorn, and watch a scary movie in the comfort and safety of your living room. This is also your chance to introduce your kids to some classic Halloween favorites. You can find great deals on your Halloween needs at Target right now. Candy is a big part of the Halloween fun. It is the motivation for most children to get dressed in costume, go … Continue reading

Halloween Family Travel: Fun and Freaky

Halloween is a family-friendly holiday. However, if you have a number of kids spanning a wide age range, it can be challenging to find a Halloween-themed event that can be enjoyed by the entire clan. Fortunately, there are quite a few travel attractions that feature thrills and chills appropriate for kids of all ages, including: LOWRY PARK ZOO BOO The “family-friendly fright zone” at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo features Halloween fun for young and old alike. Older kids will love navigating haunted houses, spooky trails, and a creepy Egyptian tomb, while younger trick-or-treaters can satiate their sweet tooth by collecting … Continue reading

Are You a Halloween Candy Nazi?

Halloween is the one day of the year that I allow my daughter to go hog wild when it comes to candy consumption. After watching her schlep ten blocks to gather 100 pounds of treats she ought to be able to choose whatever piece of sugary goodness she desires, regardless of whether I think her choice is disgustingly gross. Cough, cough… Laffy Taffy… ahem, cough… Circus Peanuts… ahem, cough, cough… Wax Bottle candy. I examine her trick-or-treat loot for broken packaging and stray needles, but I certainly don’t waste time reading the nutrition labels on each piece of candy before … Continue reading

Kohls Has an Online Halloween Sale

Halloween is only about a month away. Soon, there will be Halloween parties to attend, for both children and adults. Many schools allow young children to wear their Halloween costumes at school for at least part of the day that their school Halloween party is held. If your children know what they want to be for Halloween this year, or if you need to attend a Halloween party yourself, it’s time to find a costume! Kohls is having an online sale on Halloween costumes right now. Halloween is a fun holiday, and is especially exciting for young children. This is … Continue reading