Tabby’s First “Real” Halloween

Murphy and Mr. Meow are old pros when it comes to Halloween. They’ve been with us long enough to know that when I put up the graveyard and break out the ghosts that the Trick or Treaters will soon follow. But last year because we were in the midst of still trying to sell our home, which we did take off the market late in October, I didn’t “do” Halloween like I normally would. Therefore, even though last Halloween was technically Tabby’s first with us, she didn’t get a taste of how her mom normally does up the holiday. I … Continue reading

Picking Halloween Pet Toys

Yesterday I wrote about how it was I decided I needed to buy Halloween pet toys for Murph and his best friend Tucker. Today I’m going to tell you how I ended up picking the toys I did. (You may be thinking that sounds a little humdrum, but bear with me. There’s a method to my madness.) Decisions, Decisions As I left off in yesterday’s blog, I explained how I’d decided to buy Halloween pet toys from Doctors Foster and Smith. Here are the toys I was deciding between: 1. Halloween Witch of Devil Loofas. 2. Halloween Pumpkin Puzzle. 3. … Continue reading

Why I’m Shopping for More Pet Halloween Toys

I know in another blog I admitted that one way I could ease my worries about the economy and its affect on my pocketbook would be to cut out buying toys for my pets. But I had to make an exception for Halloween. See, a couple of weeks ago Murphy’s best friend Tucker came for a visit when his parents had to come through town on their annual trek to Indianapolis for the pet shoot they do up there every year. Since Murph’s down and out with his cast, he wasn’t able to play with Tucker. (Not because he didn’t … Continue reading

Halloween Costumes for Cats

Last year I wrote about Halloween costumes for dogs, Halloween food goodies for pets, and Halloween toys for pets, which included a tub full of toys for cats, but I didn’t specifically cover Halloween products for cats. So this year I thought I’d shake it up and write about Halloween costumes for cats. Halloween costumes for cats? Really? Unless my two were sedated (heavily I might add) there’s no way they’d let me dress them up. Especially not in most of the costumes I’ve seen which all seem to include head gear as part of the getup. But if your … Continue reading

A Collection of Cat Toys

As impressive as the collage of cat toys to the left might be, it’s only a small representation of the entire collection of cat toys my cats claim. (Wayne’s decided if we’re looking for ways to cut money in case of a depression, cutting out my pet toy spending is a place to start. Sadly, he’s probably right.) But the purpose of this blog isn’t to show off my cats’ impressive collection of cat toys. Rather, it’s to discuss the names they know their toys by. (As I wrote in another article, I’m big on naming things.) See if you … Continue reading

Happy Howl-oween!

Normally I look forward to Halloween. It’s one of my two most favorite holidays. I’m too old for trick or treating anymore, but it doesn’t stop me from dressing up –myself as well as Wayne and Murphy. (No way would Kitty let me even tie an orange or black bow around his neck! Tabby might though…) Except, this year I wasn’t able to go all out like I usually do with decorations and stuff because we had the house on the market. Still, I did get treats to pass out and even though Wayne won’t be with us, I have … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for Oct 1-7

How did Aimee and I usher in October in the Pets Blog? Well, if you missed it, you’re in luck. Here’s your handy dandy Week in Review to encapsulate it for you in a nutshell. Monday, October 1 Do you know what’s in your tank water? Aimee listed a number of things you should look for to keep your fish safe and healthy. Tuesday, October 2 Aimee detailed the basics of the nitrogen cycle in tropical fish tanks and why you should put your tank through this process before you add the fish. Do you know what you get when … Continue reading

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Pets: Food Goodies

Are you the kind to take your dog out trick or treating with the family? Wayne and I would, but since we don’t have kids, we don’t go. We do hand out treats though –to both kids and animals alike. Over the last few years I’ve seen a marked increase in the number of pets making the rounds with their kin. I love to make sure they get a little something too, so I always have something on hand. Mostly just regular dog treats, like Scooby Snacks, but this year I’ve found a few Halloween-themed pet goodies I might have … Continue reading

Halloween Tricks and Treats for Pets: Toys

As I was admiring all the cute Halloween costumes for dogs, I also came across some cute Halloween-themed toys. Some of these just might provoke a few tricks from your four-legged friend. Doctors Foster and Smith • Halloween Trio –Ghost, Pumpkin, or Frankenstein: These are smaller toys (six inches) for small and toy breed dogs. But don’t let the name fool you –you don’t get one of each in the “trio.” You have to order them all separately. However, singly they’re $2.99, but buy all three and they’re $2.29 each. • Spooky Musical Odd Toys –Pumpkin, Ghost, or Cyclops: These … Continue reading