Simple Halloween Crafts: Fun with Paper Plates

When I was in second grade my older brother (by 11 months) was dared by a kid in the school cafeteria to eat a paper plate. My headstrong sibling didn’t blink twice and devoured about half the plate before a teacher saw what he was doing and took him to the infirmary. He survived and to this day we still laugh about the incident. Strange anecdote aside that’s not the type of “fun” with paper plates I have in mind for your children. With Halloween fast approaching and the economy in the dumpster I’ve been looking affordable ways to decorate … Continue reading

Handmade Money Saving Halloween Decorations

Making decorations can be fun and a frugal way to decorate your home for the holidays as I mentioned in another article, Use Your Hands Its Cheaper – Halloween Decorations. I gave a sampling of ideas in that article and here are a few more. Ghosts To create ghosts to hang from tree’s in the yard or inside your home, inflate a round balloon or use a beach ball or other small ball. Place a white sheet or tablecloth over it. Tie a piece of white string below the balloon or ball. Cut eyes out of black felt or construction … Continue reading

The Winter Season

It seems that there is always a reason to celebrate. Halloween is quickly followed by Thanksgiving which is quickly followed by the winter days signaling Christmas in our house. Putting our son in a costume and seeing him smile changed something in my wife and I as parents. Going shopping for a pumpking and listening to our son call it his “ball” over and over again helped us understand the special nature of celebrating these holidays. Filling your house up with cobwebs, turkeys, and evergreen trees separates each season from the others and signals something special to look forward to … Continue reading