Frugal Ways to Entertain Your Kids this Summer

Summer vacation is a time that most children excitedly look forward to. It is easy to see why. They get a whole lot of free time! Parents are going to need some frugal ideas for fun activities that will entertain their children. Here are a few ideas to try. Bubbles Little kids cannot get enough of bubbles! You can pick up small bottles of bubbles, complete with bubble wand, from a dollar store. Check the dollar racks at Target, too. Parents can sit down outdoors and blow bubbles that their toddlers will chase. Older kids can blow bubbles on their … Continue reading

Fall Travel for Frugalistas

The key to saving money while you enjoy a fabulous fall getaway is to visit places that allow you to get the most bang for your buck. For example, if you are planning to take a road trip to pick pumpkins or apples this autumn consider visiting a larger all-inclusive establishment. Some orchards and farms offer you the chance to not only pick your own produce, but also provide hayrides, food samples and access to petting zoos (complete with pigs, chicks, rabbits, sheep, cows, and more) minus the extra charge. Mackey’s Orchard in Belvidere, New Jersey, offers customers a 20-minute … Continue reading

Frugal and Fun Fourth

Celebrating the Fourth of July can be both fun and frugal. Forgo the expensive shows and events and focus on those activities that could be had cheaply. Take Advantage of Freebies Many local and chain businesses are giving away free items to celebrate our Independence Day. You can take advantage of this to score some great freebies, from sanwiches, to cake to ice cream. Keep our eyes and ears open for these opportunities. Here is one to get you started. On July 4, 2012, Starbucks is giving away coffee. Make a New Tradition You can choose to save money by … Continue reading

Picnic in the Park Part II

While enjoying our picnic in the park at the playground, two little girls probably six or seven years old took it upon themselves to help my son play. I watched as they held his hands to help him up and down and over to the different playground features. One would stand at the bottom of the slide while the other went down the slide with my son. I might have been concerned that these two older girls had attached themselves to my son but they seemed genuinely interested in helping him play; like little mothers. It was actually endearing. They … Continue reading

Our Cheap Picnic Dinner

How can you put together a cheap picnic dinner at the last minute? Just get a bit creative and see what you already have at hand. The other night our family had a parent teacher get together at a local park. The instructions were to bring a picnic dinner for your own family and some extra desert to share. The picnic was on a weeknight, which meant that there would be some scrambling to do, since we also had school and work to deal with that same day. I thought that putting together a homemade picnic was probably not high … Continue reading

Frugal Vacation: Think Outside the Gift Shop

Sure you want to take a little piece of your summer vacation home with you. But will one more mug, keychain, pen or snow globe really preserve your memories? Here is how to bring home the souvenirs, but in a practical way. Gift shops are usually loaded with overpriced merchandise that you can often get elsewhere for less money. Often, the souvenirs don’t even have any connection to the vacation at all. One of the recent episodes of Jon & Kate Plus Eight showed Mama Gosselin on vacation, loading up on toys and play purses that could probably be purchased … Continue reading

7 Ideas for Frugal Date Night

Whether you are looking for a date night with your spouse or wondering what to do on a first date, you can spend less and still impress. Here are 7 different ideas for frugal dates that fun and sometimes even free. 1. Instead of the fancy dinner at a fine restaurant, opt for happy hour at your local fun and inexpensive restaurant. There is bound to be a festive atmosphere, and you can enjoy drinks and appetizers for less than half the cost of that fancy dinner. 2. Check out evening museum programs. Many local museums offer free or reduced … Continue reading

Frugal Memorial Day Ideas

Let’s take a little break from Paperback Swap to talk about fun weekend plans. Are you ready to celebrate Memorial Day? Face it, food is getting expensive, but you can still have a great BBQ or other fun time to celebrate without spending a fortune! Here are some ideas. Take advantage of local celebrations. Just doing a little bit of research in my area, I’ve located three Memorial Day parades, two free carnivals, a free cook out for town residents, two Memorial Day events at veterans cemeteries, and numerous pancake breakfasts. There are also other celebrations, such as a children’s … Continue reading

Frugal Activities in the Park

Now that the nice spring weather is here, we have been somewhat taking advantage of our local parks. There are so many fun and free or frugal activities to do there. Here are just a few. If your park has a paved path: Bike (My son just learned to ride his bike on the park’s paved path, and my two little ones love using their tricycles and ride on toys on the path.) Walk (Whether you like to walk in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, the park is always open at least until dusk.) Run sprint … Continue reading

More Fabulous Fall Frugal Fun for the Whole Family

Wow! That’s a whole lot of F’s in my title, but it is true. With the weather quickly changing and all the opportunities to be outdoors or to celebrate fall, I wanted to take some time to focus on seasonal activities for the whole family. I have already given you four great places to start in Frugal Fun For Your Whole Family, but I have several more to share. Parks Now is the time to enjoy the great outdoors. Look for park activities to enjoy, even if it is just a hike or walk on a trail. Spend time looking … Continue reading