Freezing My … Off

This week, I am making it one of my frugal goals to freeze a little something each and every day. Today it is mashed potatoes and also banana chocolate chip muffins. Yesterday, it was sour cream corn muffins, and the day before it was regular chocolate chip muffins. I’ve been doing this by making extra and then packing up some aspect of our regular meals, such as the leftover muffins from breakfast or preparing a whole six pounds of mashed potatoes (before the butter and milk). By doing this, I really don’t have to do much additional preparation. I measure … Continue reading

Occupational Therapy: Overview

Occupational therapy is similar in some ways to physical therapy, and different in others. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, occupational therapy “enables people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and prevent—or live better with—illness, injury or disability.” (From the AOTA website.) Occupational therapy can help patients develop or regain the fine-motor skills that allow us to do everyday tasks like tying shoes, writing, and using utensils. Other goals of occupational therapy may be improving basic reasoning skills or compensating for a permanent loss of function. Who needs occupational therapy? Patients … Continue reading

Home Month in Review: November 2008

Is your home ready for the holidays and winter? Now that November is over, it is time to gear up for the December ahead. Take a look at last months articles and see if there is anything you missed! November 1st Home Blog Month in Review: October As I sit here looking out my window at the backyard, the birds are hovering in the pine tree against a strong wind and steady rain. The temperature is chilly today, and the calendar reminds me that we have left October behind. November 2nd Fall and Holiday Decorating with Nature 2 Isn’t it … Continue reading

Author Interview – Lindsey K. Rietzsch

Yesterday I reviewed a fun new book, “How to Date Your Spouse.” Today we are joined by the author of that book, Lindsey K. Rietzsch. Lindsey, you just released your first book. How does it feel to accomplish the goal of being a published author? It’s been such an amazing experience and very humbling. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of publishing a book someday. To those who know me, this came as no surprise. I’m happy to say that I accomplished my dream and the journey has been worth it! Your book is designed to help … Continue reading

SNAP! Chelsea Clinton Disses Cub Reporter

With just days before the Iowa caucuses Hillary Clinton really doesn’t need any bad PR right now. But, that’s exactly what she got this weekend thanks to her daughter Chelsea. Leave it to the media to run with an obscure story… but, hey, facts are facts. The Clinton brouhaha took place at a campaign event yesterday. Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has just wrapped up a speaking engagement in Iowa when 9-year-old Sydney Rieckoff, a fourth grader from Cedar Rapids and an official “kid reporter” for Scholastic News tried to approach her. The pint-sized reporter reportedly couldn’t get to Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

Faraway Child – Amy Maida Wadsworth

Kaye Young is a typical two-year-old, isn’t she? Her mother, Jen, is at the end of her rope, trying to control her daughter’s behavior. Screaming fits and tantrums melt away into perfect behavior unpredictably and seemingly without cause. Jen never knows what to expect from Kaye. She can’t take her shopping without the whole event turning into a nightmare. It’s the terrible twos, she supposes. But then Jen’s visiting teacher asks her if Kaye is autistic. Jen immediately fights the diagnosis, not wanting to think that there could be anything wrong with her child. But not even a week later, … Continue reading

Have You Brushed Your Kid Today?

When my son Kyle, who has autistic disorder, was in preschool, his teacher gave me a little yellow brush with soft bristles and a sponge-like grip. I was told that it was for “brushing,” and that I should brush Kyle’s arms and legs several times each day. Can Autism, ADHD, and DSI be Brushed Away? I must confess, I tried it a few times, but eventually abandoned the whole concept. That’s because I had no idea what on earth I was doing. Secretly I thought this might just be somebody’s ridiculous idea or some new-fad treatment that wouldn’t amount to … Continue reading

“Stop Touching Me!” Symptoms of Tactile Dysfunction

Our skin is covered with microscopic receptors that send information to our brains. This is our sense of touch, or tactile sense. We use our sense of touch to experience all kinds of things from itching, to tickling, pressure, hot and cold, pain, vibration, and movement. The “tactile sense” is necessary for all kinds of activities such as walking up steps, writing on a chalkboard, hugging someone, getting dressed, or testing water temperature. From infancy we require tactile stimulation to meet nearly all of our physical and emotional needs. We even need our tactile sense to develop good social skills. … Continue reading