Healthy Websites for Kids:

Confession time: I watch a lot of cartoons. I do! And lately, I’ve caught a series of commercials on Cartoon Network that led me to a new healthy website I want to share. The commercials feature a big, kinda scary-looking guy talking about disease prevention — like sneezing into your sleeve or a tissue, washing your hands, and other tips. The commercials then suggest viewers find more health tips at So I went to take a look! The first thing I noticed? No scary bald guy. I kinda miss him, actually! The images on the site are bright and … Continue reading

Healthy Websites: NIH

One of my favorite websites for health information is NIH — the National Institutes of Health. NIH is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is the primary government agency responsible for conducting and supporting medical research. The agency traces its roots back to the Laboratory of Hygiene at the Marine Hospital in Staten Island, New York — way back in 1887. Today, the NIH is made up of twenty-seven different Institutes and Centers that provide leadership, guidance, and financial support to medical researchers across the country and around the world. More than eighteen thousand … Continue reading

Swine Flu and Fear

I’m writing this on day three of a fever, so I apologize if it isn’t as coherent as I’d like. I’m sick. It started off feeling like my usual sinus troubles, so I treated it in the usual way: irrigating my sinuses with salt water. This plan has worked in the past, fending off several sinus infections before they got to the point where I’d need a doctor or antibiotics. But while the sinus problem cleared up, the feeling of not-good stuck around. My head was still pounding. Two days ago, the headache was joined by an all-over body ache … Continue reading