Siblings Sharing Parents Experience Lifelong Effects

Did you get along with your siblings when you were a child? What’s your relationship with them like now that all of you are adults? Researchers have discovered that brothers and sisters who share parents can have a very different experience from each other. What they found can help parents of today make their kid’s relationship with their siblings into a more positive experience. An article at Medical Daily was written by Chris Weller. In it, he points out that each kid that has to share his or her parents with their siblings has a different experience – even though … Continue reading

Sticky Situation – Siblings and Sharing

If you have a toddler and a baby, chances are that one thing you will experience is your toddler snatching toys out of the baby’s hands. Sometimes the baby will protest loudly, other times the baby might look surprised but remain quiet, and still other times the baby may appear to have no reaction to the supposed injustice that just occurred. Believe it or not, this can actually be a tricky situation to navigate and the most beneficial thing to do might not be what you would think. When you see a toddler taking a toy from a baby, your … Continue reading

Special Needs Blog Week in Review – Week of July 8 -14, 2012

Every week, the Special Needs Blog Week in Review brings you a brief summary of each of the blogs that have appeared here in the past seven days. This is a quick and easy way to find out about the blogs that you might have missed when they were first posted. The Special Needs Podcast Roundup went up on July 9, 2012. This week, I’d like to point out an episode of The Coffee Klatch. The episode is called “DSM, Examining a Flawed System That Traps Our Children”. If I understand correctly, this is an episode of the “Bright Not … Continue reading

Special Needs Blog Week in Review – April 22 – 28, 2012

Once a week, the Special Needs Blog Week in Review gives you a quick review of all of the blogs that appeared in the past seven days. This is a great way to catch up on the blogs that you wanted to read, but didn’t have time for. What did you miss this week? The Special Needs Podcast Roundup went up on April 23, 2012. This week, I’d like to point out an episode of NPR’s “Morning Edition” that is titled: “Children With Autism Are Often Targeted By Bullies”. A survey by the Interactive Autism Network found that almost two-thirds … Continue reading

Help Your Child to Cope with Sibling’s Special Needs

It is typical for a family that includes more than one child to see some sibling rivalry from time to time. What isn’t so typical is the amount of responsibility that kids who have a sibling that has special needs often feel is placed upon them. Here are a few tips to help your child cope with the special needs of his or her sibling. As the oldest kid, I spent time helping my younger siblings with homework, with tying their shoes, and with other day to day activities. This isn’t unheard of or unusual. The difference was that my … Continue reading

Can I help you, Mommy?

“Can I help you, Mommy?” That is the question I get almost every time I enter the kitchen to make a meal or dessert. There is a part of me that is elated and another part of me that would rather not bother. If I allow little hands to interfere than my task will take longer and result in a mess only a two year old can make. Too often, I find myself turning down my little helper in waiting while I rush to get the cooking done. I hardly look up when I turn her or her siblings down. … Continue reading

The Influence of Older Siblings on Preschoolers

A preschooler is blessed to have older siblings. A big sister is great for reading bedtime stories, doing hair and laughing. A big brother will play all day outside, let you win, and doesn’t mind if you get dirty. A sweet relationship develops between older and younger siblings. There are trying times, challenges, and disagreements but in the end a bond is formed that cannot be broken. Most big brothers and sisters have no intention of being a poor influence on their younger siblings. Many times what is acceptable and age appropriate for an older sibling is not acceptable or … Continue reading

Half Siblings and Sperm Donation

A sperm donor in “the Washington area” has fathered at least 150 children. This means that the children are all half-siblings to each other. How would one make a family tree for this situation? There are many other potential problems that could happen as a result of having so many half-siblings. The term “half-sibling” is used to describe two people who have one parent in common with each other. These people also each have a parent that is not the parent of their brother or sister. Half-siblings share more genetics with each other than do two people who are unrelated. … Continue reading

Help for Siblings

Now that I’m the mother of two children, one with a chronic health condition, and one without, new concerns have arisen when it comes to how I parent. My eldest daughter will need extra attention throughout the course of everyday as there are hours of treatments and therapies that she will need my help with. My younger daughter will need my attention too, just as any child would. I’d like to believe that I will be able to balance the attention between them, giving extra attention to one during some parts of the day and extra to the other during … Continue reading

Lost Siblings Reunite After 65 Years Apart

Two long lost siblings have finally been reunited with each other, just in time for the holiday season this year. The American Red Cross was instrumental in helping this brother and sister to find each other after all these years apart. One can only imagine how much they have to talk about, and to share with each other. The holidays are a time when families come together, to reconnect, to share the spirit of the Christmas season, and to catch up with what has been going on in each other’s lives. There are a lot of families who don’t get … Continue reading