5 More Red Flags to Watch For in Your Toddler

Yesterday, I listed 5 red flags that you should watch for in your toddler. All of these things signal that something could be wrong. Keep in mind of course, that toddlers are little people and they develop on their own time table. However, if you sense that something is wrong you should always speak to your pediatrician, even if you can’t pin point exactly what it is. Many doctors will say that mothering ‘instincts’ are the best when it comes to early diagnosis of problems. (And often times early diagnosis equals more successful intervention.) With that said, here are 5 … Continue reading

Helping Your Child with Hypersensitive Gagging

The gag reflex is designed to be a normal response of the mouth and throat, to prevent your baby from swallowing foreign objects or getting food trapped in the airway. When a child gags, the reflex pushes the food off the back of the tongue and forward out of the mouth. Infants usually have an automatic gag response when the back of the tongue is touched, as part of this natural protection nature provides. Yet ideally, as the child progresses from liquids to strained foods to solids, the gagging reflex diminishes. For some children with disabilities, however, the gagging continues … Continue reading

Alvie Eats Soup – Ross Collins

“Alvie Eats Soup” is a whimsical tale about a boy who will only eat soup. It’s his favorite thing in the world! In fact, he’s so obsessed with the stuff, his first word was “mulligatawny.” He cried whenever someone tried to give him a cookie or a banana; he just wouldn’t have any of it. As he grew older, his tastes didn’t change at all, to the great discouragement of his parents. His little sister Delilah would eat anything. Why couldn’t he be more like Delilah, his parents wanted to know? And to top it off, his grandmother was a … Continue reading