Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village

This morning, I was revisiting one of my favorite shows – “30 Days.” It is done by documentarian Morgan Spurlock. He takes people and puts them in foreign environments for 30 days then films how they do with the experience. For example, a Christian lived with Muslims for 30 days and found out that in many ways, they were not different from himself. Today’s show focused on a place called Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village. “30 Days” took two people and dropped them off at a totally sustainable village in Missouri. Dancing Rabbit was started in 1997. The Dancing Rabbit Land Trust … Continue reading

Sheryl Crow Welcomes her Second Baby through Adoption

Sheryl Crow announced this morning that she is adopting a second child, Levi James, who was born April 30. Crow made the announcement via her website, and her publicist confirmed the information. Crow, age 48, adopted her son Wyatt three years ago, when he was two weeks old. (Click here to see Michelle’s blog on Sheryl’s first adoption.) The sibling connection seems to be important to Crow—she made her announcement by writing, “Wyatt has a baby brother!” Crow reportedly is not deterred by the idea of being a single mother. “For my whole life, I had a pretty clear picture … Continue reading

Dartmouth’s Big Green Bus

The other day, I blogged about colleges that are implementing green practices, but I failed to mention Dartmouth and their Big Green Bus. And I know, you are probably thinking “But Libby, “green” and “bus” are two words that just don’t go together!” Well, let me tell you about the Big Green Bus. The Big Green Bus is a 1989 MCI motorcoach that recently completed a summer tour with 15 students on board. The students traveled to such places as Las Vegas, Denver, Minneapolis, and Chicago to promote sustainable living practices. But, let me tell you more about this special … Continue reading

Pop Culture Potpourri: Duff Changing Zip Codes and the Queen of Green

Hilary Duff was in diapers when Beverly Hills, 90210 was a ratings success. Now nearly two decades after the popular teen drama hit the airwaves Duff could get the chance to make her mark on the show. E! News is reporting that producers recently approached the 20-year-old singer-actress to star in the CW’s upcoming Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff. Insiders say Duff is being considered for the role of Annie, the principal’s daughter at West Beverly Hills High. If she commits she would join Dustin Milligan and Nip/Tuck’s AnnaLynne McCord, who have already signed up to star in the show. Former … Continue reading

Julia Roberts vs. the Paparazzi

In a rare turn of events actress Julia Roberts is making headlines for pursuing photographers instead of the other way around. In video that is making the rounds on the Internet, the Oscar winner is shown wildly tailing two videographers in her Mercedes SUV, flagging them down and basically trying to run them off the road in an effort to give them a piece of her mind. The footage was captured by freelance videographers for a celebrity news agency and broadcast on the Internet and on TV’s “Inside Edition.” It shows an irate Roberts driving her Mercedes behind a car … Continue reading

Fashion Potpourri: Celeb Designers, Saving the Environment and Eliminating Tooth Fuzz

CELEBRITY DESIGNERS Add Wilmer Valderrama’s name to the growing list of celeb designers. (Is there a celebrity out there who doesn’t have a fashion line these days?) The handsome actor recently launched a casual menswear line called Calavena. Valderrama says his clothing collection is made for “stylish guys looking to find trendy, fashionable pieces.” (Take note all you “un-stylish guys.”) Calavena features a premium denim line, embroidered hoodies, super-soft thermals and an entire collection of distressed tees. The actor says he wanted to design clothes for men that featured “sophisticated yet comfortable cuts.” And ladies don’t fret–Valderrama says he hasn’t … Continue reading

Travel Tidbits: Help For Hybrid Owners and Travelers Who Dine At Hotels

Hybrid owners are getting help from an unlikely source–actor Rob Lowe. The former teen heartthrob (who currently plays a member of Congress on ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters”) appeared before real life lawmakers yesterday to promote tax credits for people who add a plug-in feature to hybrid cars and trucks. Lowe testified before a special House panel in charge of examining energy and global warming issues to plug the plug-in hybrid. He then appeared at a demonstration about three blocks from the Capitol featuring a plug-in version of the Toyota Prius and encouraged his fans to switch to “greener” forms of … Continue reading

Bob Geldolf vs. Al Gore

In this corner: Bob Geldolf, former front-man of The Boomtown Rats and the man who organized the Live Aid and Live 8 benefit concerts. And in this corner: former vice-president and resident greenie Al Gore. Both ready to do battle. Ding. Ding. Gore probably outweighs Geldolf by the equivalent of a dozen Sanjaya Malakars, but Geldolf is the one who has been getting in the most jabs. Most recently Geldolf has come out swinging at the politician-turned environmental activist, criticizing the Live Earth music events Gore is putting together this summer, saying they lack a specific goal. In a previous … Continue reading

Sheryl Crow Adopts A Baby Boy

Sheryl Crow will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day on Sunday. According to her website, the singer just adopted a 2-week-old baby boy she named Wyatt Steven. The name honors three important men in Crow’s life—her father Wyatt Crow, her younger brother Steven Crow and her manager Steven “Scooter” Weintraub. The announcement on her site didn’t give much more information except to say that the child was born in the United States and is healthy. “We are enjoying some very private family time,” Crow writes. Personally, I think it’s great news. This is a woman who has survived an emotional … Continue reading

Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Green

Well… he does have teenage children. But, that may not be the only reason California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is going green this Earth Day… on MTV. The actor-turned-politician is scheduled to appear tonight on the popular MTV show “Pimp My Ride.” Before you let your imagination get the best of you, you should know that Schwarzenegger’s appearance is part of his latest promotion to boost his environmental agenda. (In other words he’s appearing on the show on Earth Day for a reason.) Schwarzenegger’s aides say their boss’s appearance on MTV is the latest move to generate attention to environmentally friendly … Continue reading