Choosing a “Theme” for Your Home Office Space

Perhaps your home business workspace is a table in the corner or you have a box that gets shoved in the entry closet that holds your important papers, files and invoices. Having an organized and efficient workspace is important, and you might even want to consider having an inspirational or decorative “theme” that will help you to stay motivated and inspired as you work at building your business. Often a desk or workspace includes a few pictures of a person’s kids, and functional things like pens and paper and manila folders. Unfortunately, while this may be functional space, it is … Continue reading

Money and Feng Shui

My husband and I became curious about Feng Shui recently. The custom and culture surrounding this ancient wisdom is fascinating. What I like most about Feng Shui is its focus on balance. The key to a satisfying life is to create balance in your life and environment. I believe this practice is important whether you are balancing colors in a room or balancing your budget. No one can ever be happy on a budget diet for too long, nor will their life work if they always spend to excess. Your financial life needs to have good Feng Shui or easily … Continue reading

Lucky Bamboo for a Home Business

Despite my often pragmatic approach to life and business, I am not without my superstitions. I am willing to try most things and give every philosophy and theory a bit of a spin. I do put some stock in “energy flow” and Feng Shui, so when a friend recently gave me a “lucky” bamboo plant for wealth and prosperity, I was quite happy to add it to my collection of home business “tools”… Okay, I am not saying that I am going to take my bamboo plant to the bank with me, and if I am being completely honest I … Continue reading

Want a Fresh Perspective? Try Rearranging Your Home Office

Do you feel yourself getting in a rut? I confess that I am someone who has a tendency to get bored when things stay the same for too long. If your home business relies on your coming up with new and fresh ideas, or you’re just feeling like you’re dragging along without much inspiration—a change may be in order. And, it may be as simple as rearranging the furniture in your work space. Have you been looking at the same wall or out the same window at the same view for months or even years? Perhaps you can close your … Continue reading

Coping With Home Office Clutter

It’s spring cleaning time! And, that includes your home office or home business work space too—now that you can swing open those windows and doors and see all the dust and crud that’s been accumulating all winter, how about taking an afternoon to deal with some of the home office clutter? Take a look at your space and start by figuring out what can go and what can stay—maybe you’ve been living with an inefficient space or uncomfortable furniture. My own cleaning and de-cluttering style is to remove everything, sort and then toss, file or put back items as I … Continue reading

Do You Have an Ergonomic Home Office?

It’s not uncommon for those of us who work from home to “make do” with a make-shift office or work space–a hard, uncomfortable chair, a desk that is not the right height, a cramped work area. We may also work for long stretches without a break, trying to squeeze in as much work as possible before the kids wake up or we have to move on to some other task. There are some things we can do, however, to make and keep our home work space safer and more “ergonomic.” Your furniture and equipment should be set up to fit … Continue reading

Home Office Feng Shui – For Families

Have you heard the term “Feng Shui before? If you haven’t, here’s a quick definition taken from Wikipedia; “Feng Shui – (pronounced “fung shway”) is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment”. I discovered the art of family-office Feng Shui a few weeks ago by accident. During one of my busier seasons, I spent more time than normal sitting at my desk while my kids watched Saturday morning cartoons. As I frantically tried to cram in a weeks’ worth of work into four hours, I noticed that my kids were extremely … Continue reading

The Frugal Blog Week in Review: Jan. 27 to Feb. 2

Hello there! It is a quiet Saturday evening on the day before the Superbowl. my husband is getting the last kid to bed, I’m listening to my new Nora Jones music, and I am seriously thinking of taking a nice hot bath. Before that, though, I wanted to bring you the week in review for the Frugal Living Blog. I know you read every blog faithfully, so I’ll just assume you want to reread them all again. Saturday, January 27 Save on Paper: Take Advantage of Junk Mail In an earlier blog, Save on Paper: The Three Best Ways, I … Continue reading

Beauty can be Inspiring Too

I wrote yesterday about how laughter, silliness and play interspersed throughout a work day can be inspirational and help to alleviate every-day stress. As I straighten my desk and light a couple candles to warm and glow in the early morning hours before I start work, I realize that beauty and pleasant surroundings can be inspirational for a home business owner too. We’ve talked about organization and Feng Shui for the home business and the home office, but in the bustling function of trying to work at a home business, aesthetics and beauty can very easily get overlooked. Many of … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Stuff…Spring Cleaning Time

We’ve had a few sunny days here and I can hear the birds getting revved up and chirping their little heads off outside the windows while I try to work. As the sun comes streaming through the windows I can’t help but notice the “stuff” of living that calls out to be purged now that Spring is promising to lend a new lease on life. It makes me think about how we manage (or mismanage) our “stuff” and how family life can get incredibly bogged down with clutter and things… I have a confession to make, earlier this week, I … Continue reading