A Whole World Curriculum – Learning About Other Lands And People

I lived in Maryland when first homeschooling my girls and the school board is pretty relaxed with the curriculum. You can use a traditional curriculum and workbooks or create your own, as long as the children are given an overall education. Truthfully, my kids were bored to tears with workbooks and textbooks, so I decided to make a curriculum that would really stimulate their senses and be fun at the same time. I knew my daughters liked learning about other lands and people, so I bought a world map and taped it to the dining room wall—-our makeshift classroom for … Continue reading

Homeschool Groups and Resources in Massachusetts

Involvement with other homeschoolers is very important to a family’s success in homeschooling. Joining a homeschool network or support group in your area will make a difference in your homeschooling journey. This installment is for Massachusetts. About Our Kids Home Learners (A-OK) is a Boston area group intent on forming new ones and strengthening old ones, both for kids and parents. Athol-Orange Homeschooling Group is an inclusive group serving Royalston, Warwick, New Salem, Phillipston, Templeton, Wendell, Gill, Erving, Gardner, Barre. Petersham Attleboro Area Homeschooling Group has Monthly parent meetings Park days, field trips, classes, book groups,and Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts. Belchertown … Continue reading

Homeschooling Groups and Resources in Connecticut G-N

To succeed in homeschooling, it is in your best interest to get involved with other homeschoolers. You should join a homeschool network or group near you. For this reason, I have decided to give a full listing of homeschooling groups throughout each state. Yes, there are other sites that list homeschool networks and support groups but none of are comprehensive. Some of them only list Christian, others only list those affiliated with them. I will attempt to list all of them. Greater New Haven Homeschoolers A diverse group of families who believe that there is no one right way to … Continue reading