Frugal and Free Homeschooling {part 5}

Is it possible to homeschool for free or inexpensively?  Yes, it is. I remember lamenting that I was so low I didn’t have enough money to send my kids to school.  At the time, I felt like I had failed entirely.  Then, I realized what a blessing to know I had no way to go but up and that I could not send my kids to school.  I did not have a car nor money to buy clothes, shoes, and materials just to go to school.  I was forced to see the true cost of homeschooling.  The cost is very … Continue reading

Time Engineers: Math and Science CD-ROM for Middle and High School Students

At a Glance: Product: Time Engineers Cost: $19.95 Individual, $49.95 School District/University Use: Homeschool, Classroom, Home Grades: Middle School-High School (5th-9th) Lessons Taught: Math, Science, History, Physics Skills: Problem Solving, Reasoning, Critical Thinking Rating: 5 out of 5 Gold Stars Today I am sharing with you one of my new favorite tools to teach math concepts to middle and high school age students. For many homeschoolers these years are difficult in terms of teaching math. I agree. It is for this reason I want to present you with a tool that you and your students will enjoy. What is Time … Continue reading

From Public to Home School

Many families are making the decision to remove their children from the public school system to homeschool. The reasons vary among these families but the challenges they face are similar. The transition is often a reaction to something that occurred in the system like bullying or an issue with a teacher or the school wanting to put a child on medication. For some the decision was not dramatic but something the parents kicked around for awhile and decided would be best for their family. Sometimes the reasons bring about challenges within homeschooling but more often than not it is a … Continue reading

School’s Here! Organizing Tips

The kids are back in school, and more are returning on Tuesday. We’re the Tuesday batch, with two precious days of summer vacation to go. Of course, we will not be heading to school per se. Our school is at home and at a local part time alternate program that is based on play and your child’s interests. However, this does not mean that homeschoolers have no back to school flurry of activity. If you use curriculum, there is curriculum to ponder and buy and read. There are math manipulatives to stock up on and craft supplies to buy. Classes … Continue reading

Homeschool Groups and Resources in Massachusetts

Involvement with other homeschoolers is very important to a family’s success in homeschooling. Joining a homeschool network or support group in your area will make a difference in your homeschooling journey. This installment is for Massachusetts. About Our Kids Home Learners (A-OK) is a Boston area group intent on forming new ones and strengthening old ones, both for kids and parents. Athol-Orange Homeschooling Group is an inclusive group serving Royalston, Warwick, New Salem, Phillipston, Templeton, Wendell, Gill, Erving, Gardner, Barre. Petersham Attleboro Area Homeschooling Group has Monthly parent meetings Park days, field trips, classes, book groups,and Cub Scouts/Boy Scouts. Belchertown … Continue reading

Why Drama is Important in Homeschooling

As I mentioned in the last homeschool blog post, Carnival of Educators -Drama Club Edition, I am in the middle of tech week for my kids Drama Club which is an extention of their once a week homeschool program. As a quick refresher, my kids attend Artios Academies which is a once a week homeschool program where kids learn about a different time period each year through the arts. (This post explains the program in more detail. You may notice there was a name change for the “school” my kids attend.) They study visual art, music, drama, dance, etc, of … Continue reading

If I Could Start Over Again, Thoughts from a homeschool veteran

I don’t know If I can really call myself a homeschool veteran just just yet because I have not graduated a homeschooler. I have however, gotten my kids to the high school stage and am continuing to homeschool them. 75% of homeschoolers (my best bet)decide to stop homeschooling by this point. This is not a condemnation, just a fact, as each family must do what is best for them. If I had to do it again, as in start from scratch with a new child in Kindergarten, I would certainly do things differently. There are also some things I would … Continue reading

Helping Kids Deal with Violence Around Them

Last week, a 16 year old honor student was beaten to death on his way home from school. The child was an innocent bystander who go caught in the middle of a fight between to gangs (they are described as “factions” in a newspaper report.) An amateur video found all over the net shows the attack. As parents of teens, we have to face the facts that it is nearly impossible to keep our children safe from the violence around them. Angry students plan attacks on their schools. Student shoot and beat each other on school buses and on the … Continue reading

Reasons I am Glad We Homeschool: School Bus Incidents

For the last couple of days an instance of school bus violence has dominated education news and blogs. Basically, a white student got on the school bus and no one would allow him to sit down next to them. (There where both white and black kids on the bus refusing him.) The driver yelled for the kids to sit down so he moved the book bag of a black kid and sat down. Other students began to instigate and the black boy who he sat next to attacked him. A few minutes later it appeared that the first attacker had … Continue reading

Health at School: Dreading Gym Class

Call it gym class or P.E. or phys ed — the words usually bring up a lot of memories for adults. You may recall moments of triumph or moments of embarrassment or moments of pain. Physical education is often an unpleasant part of the school day — especially for kids who aren’t athletic. So how do you help your kids get through the physical side of education? Remember that the most important part of gym class is the physical part — an opportunity to get up and get moving on a regular basis. Helping kids find the sports they love … Continue reading