Sharing One View on Homosexual Marriage

I have heard people say that homosexual marriage is not hurting anyone, and that those who are gay deserve to be happy having the same rights as heterosexual couples have. I have been very reluctant to write about this because it is such a heated topic. I would just like to share my thoughts on homosexual marriage and why I believe the acceptance of it to be part of the subtle decay of morality which was foretold in the Bible. I do not support gay marriage, the marriage of more than 2 people, marriage to animals, adults marrying children, or … Continue reading

A Review of This Week’s Parenting Blogs

I am borrowing an idea from Heather Long and reviewing the week in Parenting. There have been some great blogs written on some important topics. But often parents only see the first few blogs and miss the rest. So here is a review of this week’s Parenting topics. Monday September 18th. “Teaching Good Judgment” is an important skill that many parents fail to teach their children. This is obvious by the many teens and young adults that are making such bad decisions. Read this blog for some ideas on how you can teach your child good judgment. “Should Partners Of … Continue reading

Should Textbooks Be Written To Include Homosexual Achievements?

I recently wrote a blog titled “Homosexual Agenda Being Promoted In Schools,” which has received a lot of debate. There is one part of this article that I want to address in more detail. It is concerning the rewriting of textbooks to specifically include accomplishments of homosexual individuals. This is something that the California Teachers Association is currently supporting. They are trying to get a bill passed that would require that history textbooks be rewritten to “include and highlight homosexual and transsexual historical figures.” Saying that, “Curriculum should address the common values of the society; promote respect for diversity and … Continue reading

What is Age Appropriate Sexual Development in Early Childhood? Introduction.

A child of four inserts a pair of scissors into her bottom. A child of eight attempts to put his penis into his little sister’s vagina. Is this acceptable behavior? No. Is it developmentally normal? No. These are indicators of something being wrong and worthy of concern. What is developmentally normal though? It can be so confusing and scary when a parent catches their children engaged in sex play. Usually the parents first reaction is shock, followed quickly by anger, and then concern, both for their own perception of perhaps being a bad parent and then for their child: “Am … Continue reading