The Biggest Disney Headlines

Last week there were two big pieces of Disney news announced: the director for the first “Star Wars” sequel, and more information on concerns over privacy relating to the MyMagic+ wristbands.  Let’s look at them both. In a move that is both surprising and not, Lucasfilm has chosen J.J. Abrams to direct the next “Star Wars” film.  The director/producer is best known for television shows like “Lost” and “Alias,” and for famously rebooting the “Star Trek” film franchise.  J.J. Abrams was rumored as a director for “Star Wars” early on, but he denied it; or really, he claimed he had … Continue reading

Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland)

Opened in 1995, the Indiana Jones Adventure is a fantastic reason to visit Disneyland. The adventure is a combination project between Disney’s imagineers and Lucasfilm Ltd. If you’ve never experienced this ride, it’s a thrilling adventure for Disney guests of all ages. The adventure comes to life as you take an expedition through the fabled Temple of the Forbidden Eye in the depths of India’s dense jungles. Guests are loaded onto World War II troop transports for an archaeological tour of the temple. The temple was rediscovered by Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones, Jr. and his team. Mara, the deity the … Continue reading

Travel Tidbits: Disney Delivers

The other day I wrote about the incredible service some lodgings around the world offer their guests. Recently, a hotel staffer in Washington, D.C. went above and beyond the call of duty to help a beleaguered guest retrieve his lost laptop from a city cab. And if you thought that story was incredible then you will truly appreciate what employees at a Disney resort recently did for guests there. Two weeks ago a couple from Massachusetts checked into Disney’s Wilderness Lodge resort in Florida. They and their two children had a magical time during their stay and were sad to … Continue reading

Adventures By Disney: Peru

You’ll arrive at the Lima International Airport late on day one. Once you exit customs, you’ll be met by an Adventures by Disney representative who will escort you to your vehicle. The driver will assist with your luggage and then take you to the Casa Andina Private Collection Hotel in Lima. There your Adventure Guides will check you in to your room. On day two, you’ll take a one-hour flight to Cusco to begin your journey to the Sacred Valley. After the short flight, a motor coach will take you to the Center for Traditional Textiles for a lunch of … Continue reading

Why Use Disney’s Magical Express Service?

Why should you use Disney’s Magical Express Service? Let’s talk about what it is first and foremost. The Magical Express Service is designed to help you get from the airport to the hotel with your luggage with a minimum of fuss and muss. As it turns out, the majority of the tourist traffic that comes through Orlando International Airport were destined for Disney – and as you can imagine that’s a lot of people, every day and a lot of luggage. The airport made a deal with Disney that allowed them to make sure the luggage was delivered to the … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for May 21 – May 25

This has been a crazy week and while we were running to wrap up the end of the school year for our daughter, we kept up our Disney vacation planning. So let’s take a look at our Disney Week in Review: Monday, May 21 Looking for A Little Inspiration From Walt Disney? Walt is a wonderful inspiration and innovator and his quotes reflect that. Tuesday, May 22 Are you over 60 and planning to take your grandkids to Disney World? Seniors Planning a Trip to Disney explores things you should know prior to getting there and overdoing it. Wednesday, May … Continue reading

How Children Get Lost at Disney World

A parent’s worst fear is when their child goes missing. Whether you are in the grocery store or the mall or Disney World, there’s no greater stomach clenching, ice-cold fear than that you experience when your child vanishes while you are out and about. I’ve known that feeling when my daughter darted around a corner once in the grocery store and she kept moving one way while I moved another and it was a pretty terrifying experience. Losing your child at Disney World can make the most magical place on Earth seem like the most terrifying place on Earth. With … Continue reading

How to Get Ready for a Trip to Disney World

We talk a lot about booking our vacations to Disney World and what we’re going to do when you get there, but did you know you needed to start your prep work for your vacation a few weeks ahead of time. This is important, especially if you have little kids. Our daughter was 4 on her first trip to Disney World and despite her boundless energy and her desire to avoid a stroller, by day 3 – her legs were killing her and it was hard for her to keep up. How to Get Ready To Go Decide on a … Continue reading

Tips for Taking your Little Ones to Disney World

Disney World is huge. It mightn’t look it on a map of the individual parks, but each park is quite a size to wander around, especially with little ones. Make sure that you read a good, up-to-date guide book before you leave home. Make notes of where you can easily locate bathroom facilities, if possible know where these are in each sector of the park, because you can guarantee that younger children are going to be so caught up in the magic and excitement that they’re not going to give you much advance warning! Refreshment areas are another good thing … Continue reading

Lost in Dubbing

A Disney movie is successful, not just because of the amount of hype dollars the marketing people manage to spend, but also because of the quality of the all-round package they create. Their people are the best at what they do. They are skilled people who really know how to put the perfect animation together – including the matching up characters to voices, and vice versa. This is the area where it all falls apart however when the movie is moved out of the English speaking world. I now live in a country which is starting to speak more English, … Continue reading