How Long Will Your Food Last

Storing food and stockpiling is a great idea for being prepared. One issue that can arise is how long is it before food expires? How long do canned goods last, and how long can you store your staples? I came across this dilemma just two days ago when I went through my pantry to rotate some food, having a plan to use up some older items in meals in order to add some new ones and keep everything fresh. I came across ajar of salsa. It contained no expiration date to guide me, and I hadn’t marked one on the … Continue reading

Week in Review: Canned Foods and Babies

This week we have learned about storing canned foods and preparing for baby’s needs during an emergency. Here is a brief synopsis of each article in case you missed any of them. What Do the Dates on Your Canned Foods Mean? The codes on our canned foods sure can be confusing! What do they mean, and can they tell you how long your food will last on your shelf? Here are a few tips for deciphering the codes on your cans. How Long Will Your Canned Foods Last? It is tricky to guess how long you might be able to … Continue reading

Special Considerations for Storing Baby Foods

If you have a baby in the house, it is important to consider what baby will need in an emergency. As with many stored foods, the nutritive value of canned foods slightly decreases over time. For most people this is not a big problem, but for infants those vitamins and nutrients are more crucial. It is also more important to keep your foods fresh and safe for feeding to baby. Here are some points to consider when storing food for babies and toddlers: Look ahead. Unless you want to have to update your baby’s emergency food supply every couple of … Continue reading

Canned Food Storage Safety

Some canned foods can last almost indefinitely if they are stored in the right conditions and are not dented or bulging. Make sure to exercise discretion when using old canned foods. And keep these safety tips in mind when storing canned foods for long periods of time: * Always remember to label your cans as you buy them. I would recommend simply writing the month and year they were purchased on the top of the can with permanent marker. For most items, you should be quite safe to eat these items within two years of this date. After two years, … Continue reading

How Long will Your Canned Foods Last?

How do you determine how long a can of food will last? Actually, it’s kind of hard to guess, but here are a few guidelines when trying to determine the shelf life of your canned foods: Home-canned foods Most sources say that home-canned foods will store safely for at least one year. With other food items, the level of acid in the food is the critical element for determining how long it may store. Low-acid foods last longer on your shelves than foods with higher amounts of acid. Some sources say all commercially canned food should last at least two … Continue reading

What Do the Dates on Your Canned Foods Mean?

Are you unsure about how long a can of tuna will last? What do the stamps printed on the cans mean? Can the stamped dates tell you how long an item will store? Those codes sure can be confusing! Here are some things to keep in mind when storing canned foods: First, you may be able to get some information from the product codes printed on the cans, but not much. Cans that list a “use by” date or a “best if eaten by” mean more than random numbers or dates without labels. Other codes or dates printed on cans … Continue reading

Protecting Your Food Storage

Once you have begun your food storage you will want to protect it from pests and other risks that can spoil your food. You do not want to find that all the money and time you have spent collecting the food has gone to waste because the food was stored improperly. Here are three easy ways to protect your food. The type of food you are storing determines the best way to store it. If you are storing grains, flour, sugar or dry goods you will want to store these foods in an airtight container, made specifically for storing food. … Continue reading

A Solution When Eating Healthy Seems Too Expensive

Consuming healthy food with a tight budget is not impossible, especially if you get creative and shop wisely. Here are some tips that you can use that will help you buy healthy food on the cheap. Avoid Processed “Healthy Food” Processed food, even if it is labeled “whole” or made with organic ingredients isn’t necessarily healthy, and the more processed something is, the more expensive it tends to be. For example, organic fruit snacks cost more per pound than does fresh fruit, and it isn’t as good for you. Baby or pre-cut carrots are more expensive compared to typical large … Continue reading

Grocery Stock Up Sales

Need to replenish your stockpile? Now is the time. Many stores are offering grocery stock up sales and promotions on pantry foods. Grab your grocery store flyers, make your list and get shopping. Step 1: Clean Out Your Pantry Before you head out to one of the many grocery stock up sales out there, first take the time to see what you already have. You can discard anything that is expired or hasn’t been used in a year. Donate anything that is still good and toss the rest. I like to take everything out and dust the shelves, too, but … Continue reading

Celebrate Halloween All Day

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, most people focus on trick-or-treating or costume parties, both of which are traditionally nighttime events. However, in our family, Halloween is an all-day affair. Basically, we party from sun up to sun down. I’m kidding. Though, we do nosh from sunrise to the witching hour, on foods I make especially for the holiday. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (and the occasional late snack) all feature Halloween-inspired foods, including these favorites that I whipped up last year: PUMPKIN PECAN PANCAKES Ingredients: 1 cup all purpose flour 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon … Continue reading