Last-Minute Halloween Reminders

Halloween is still a few days away, but trick-or-treating has already started in my neck of the woods. In Wisconsin, individual municipalities are given the power to determine their own trick-or-treat times. In recent years, many communities have designated the weekend prior to October 31st as the official period where kids can “legally” go door-to-door collecting free candy. Safety is the main motivator behind the move. Law makers believe it’s safer for children to trick-or-treat on a weekend when the traffic is lighter. In addition, having kids hit the streets in costume on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon increases the … Continue reading

Vacation Reminders

Summer is winding down and for many families that means taking one last getaway before the chaos of a new school year starts. Whether you are planning a road trip to the beach or you’re jetting off to a major theme park, you’ll want to cover all your bases. In addition to packing as efficiently as possible and getting the kids geared up for the haul, you’ll also want to take steps to protect your home while you are away. For starters, don’t use social media to inform the world that you will be flying to Orlando and your home … Continue reading

Win the Blog Cabin from DIY!

Have you ever dreamed of having a vacation home? Do you love New York? Your dream might come true if you enter the DIY “Blog Cabin” sweepstakes. You can enter this sweepstakes once, every single day, between now, and October 1, 2010. There are many reasons why so many people want to visit New York. There are great sights to see, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. New York is an excellent place to see a show, (such as a play or a musical). Sometimes, the shows in New York feature famous actors. Or, maybe you … Continue reading

Reminders to Help You Eat In

If you have been following the frugal blog for a while, then you know how often I talk about cooking at home instead of eating out. It is a struggle to do, I know. I often want to go out because I am tired or want a change. The kids love to eat out, too, since for them it is an adventure, so I try to keep reminding ourselves about how much more it costs. I usually equate the eating out in terms of hours that I or my husband have to work. Because I work as a freelancer, this … Continue reading

Fitness Reminders

I don’t know about you, but I struggle to squeeze in daily exercise. Whereas I do have a fitness routine (which is punctuated with several hours per week of marathon training) I also mother a child, work, run a household, and basically try to keep my head above water on a daily basis. Needless to say, when I do have time to get to the gym I don’t have the luxury of spending hours upon hours there. I need to get in, get out, and get on with my schedule. In doing so I often forget to complete basic portions … Continue reading

How Many Reminders?

I find reminders and reminding to be one of those grey areas of parenting–do we remind our children until they do what we need them to? Do we put a limit on how many times we are going to remind them? Is there a grace period? Do we mix it up and use notes, signs, and verbal reminders? What is the right way to go about managing and issuing those annoying reminders? The best advice I ever heard was from an experienced mom who suggested getting to a detached place where I could remind my kids without getting emotional or … Continue reading

Interview with My Fellow Pets Blogger and Mystery Author Courtney Mroch

Recently, Courtney and I decided it would be fun to interview each other. After all, we’re both writers and pet lovers. So read on, and learn something you maybe didn’t know about my awesome blogging partner, Courtney Mroch! Aimee: What kind of things do you write about? (Genre, subject matter, themes, what have you.) Courtney: I’m not prejudiced to any form of writing except maybe poetry (and that’s only ’cause I suck at it) so I pretty much write everything. Essays, short stories, novels, articles… Whatever notion my muse strikes me with, I run with it. As far as genre … Continue reading

Some Weight Loss Reminders

Sometimes we get so caught up in the miniscule details that we forget the basics about how to lose weight sensibly and safely. Here are a few reminders on the important keys to weight loss, just in case you’ve forgotten: How many calories to lose weight? Multiply your current weight by 10 and that is how many calories you can eat per day and still lose weight. Remember to never go below 1200 calories per day. How much can I lose per week? It is possible to lose 7-14 pounds a week if you just stop eating but that doesn’t … Continue reading

Wedding Picture Reminders

In a previous blog I addressed key points in finding the right wedding photographer. Once you’ve secured a professional you are confident will perfectly document your big day it’s time to move on to other considerations. The following wedding photo tips are ones you should consider before you walk down the aisle: Less Is Not Always Best. Brides tend to underestimate the number of pictures they may need for their wedding albums. In most cases you’ll end up wanting more than you ordered (especially if the end results were better than you expected). Err on the side of caution and … Continue reading

Road Trip Reminders

It’s that time of year again… Time to see just how much you can squeeze into the family minivan before it begins to sag in the middle. Time to see how far you can get before a child calls out: “Are we there yet?” And time to see how just how many miles exist between McDonald’s locations when you are cruising through Pittsburgh. Ah, yes, the family summer road trip of 2007… surely it will be one to remember (or at least one that will include events that will be hard to forget). Before you head out on the highways … Continue reading