Document the Day

It’s a snow day around here.  And by snow day I mean, schools are closed, highways are blocked, and I am praying that the electricity stays on so that I can post this without incident. Snow and cold are nothing new in northern Wisconsin, especially in January.  However, when we get hit with a storm as massive as this one, even I venture out to document the aftermath.  Then, I do what any self-respecting scrapbook fanatic does; create a layout employing as many techniques as possible. You don’t need to wait for a major milestone to craft an eye-popping page … Continue reading

Your Kids, Video Games and Fruit

If you have a tough time getting your children to eat fruit, you might consider unplugging their video games. In what some may consider a complete waste of time and money, researchers in the Netherlands have unearthed a fact that most parents have known for a while:  Kids who play video games promoting fruit don’t crave apples, oranges, grapes, kiwi or any other type of fresh produce upon completing the online challenges. According to the new study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dutch scientists expected their young research participants to crave more wholesome snacks after playing video … Continue reading

Light Your Home for Less: 4 Ways to Save

The lighting of your home is so important. The proper lighting schema can make tasks easier to do, create a mood, highlight artwork and the wonderful features of your home, and keep your home warm and inviting on even the darkest days. New strides in technology has made it easier than ever to save money on lighting costs, but to really save, you’ll need to employ a little knowledge, too, or you may actually spend more money in your quest to save money. Here are four ways that you can light your home for less. 1. Off or On? Many … Continue reading

Dress Your Baby Bump For Halloween

  There were a couple of things that I forgot to do during both of my pregnancies that I later wished that I had done. One of them is taking maternity photos, and the other is dressing up for Halloween. Pregnant bellies lend themselves to all kinds of interesting costumes from gorgeous to gory. Since there’s only about a month left before Halloween, it’s time to get started on your costume. Need a little inspiration? If you want something comfortable, you can go for an athletic look with a tank top (or sports bra) and basketball shorts and paint your … Continue reading

Perfectionism Is Keeping Me From Getting Things Done

As a perfectionist I often overwhelm myself. My good intentions always lead to half finished chores and messes I walk away from because I overwhelm myself. I have such high expectations, after all if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right. That statement right there is my downfall. A typical project will go something like this: Today is a perfect day to clean the garage! I’ll go out in to the garage and start going through boxes and bags and shelves, bagging up stuff that can be donated, tossing things that are broken or missing pieces and then … Continue reading

When Depression Starts To Affect Your Home

I usually consider myself very organized and on top of things. The past several months have conspired to change that perception. It has been a rough year, there really is no other way to say it. My life and the lives of people around me have changed so much. As a result I’m suffering from a little bit of depression. Today, after a nap, I realized that my home is completely out of control. The yard that I love so much is overgrown with weeds and almost dead. My sprinkler system is broken and in my current state of mind, … Continue reading

Ever Dreamed of a Personal Shopper for Your Baby?

So, I love to scrapbook and used to subscribe to a monthly scrapbook kit each month that was delivered right to my door. I remember the excitement of getting that box and opening it and seeing all my new goodies. Well, another company has started a similar concept for children. They are called Citrus Lane. Rather than hunting for the latest and coolest new baby products, they do it for you, put them together in kits and deliver them right to your door. I love this idea! The cost is only $25 (and free shipping) and you get anywhere from … Continue reading

Recaulking Your Tub

Me and my bright ideas. It’s a disease I tell you, as soon as spring has sprung I get the urge to rip something apart. My big project for this year is my bedroom but there will be more on that later. Right now, it’s the caulk around the tub. I misspoke in my previous blog and called it grout, I’m not talking about the grout between the tiles, I’m talking about the caulk around the tub. You know it’s time to replace it when no matter how much you scrub it won’t come clean. The reason for that is … Continue reading

Are Tiny Holes Draining Your Energy Budget?

Eat your greens. Floss your teeth. Insulate your attic. While we weren’t energy-saving wizards, we thought that we’d covered most of the bases of healthy and energy-efficient living. But the energy bills kept on coming and the floors were cold. That’s when we realized that we were living in a sieve. It was a nice sieve. Bamboo floors, hemp curtains, walls painted in low-VOC off white. It was the blower door test that revealed the problem. Imagine this: a man comes to your door with something resembling a giant fan, installs it in said door, and seems to suck all … Continue reading

Frugal Things to Do with Coffee Grounds

Wait, don’t throw those used coffee grounds away. There are many things you can do with coffee grounds. Why waste something that can be put to work for you for free? Keep Bugs Away Coffee grounds can be used as a natural way to keep ants and slugs off of your garden plants. Mound up the grounds and form them into a ring around your plants. The bugs won’t cross the ring. Deodorize Dry the grounds first and then place a bowl of them in your refrigerator. The coffee grounds will absorb stray odors from food and keep everything fresh … Continue reading