Cheaper Summer Camps

Stifling temperatures plus bored kids are not a good combination. Sending them to summer camp may be one option to keep them entertained and learning over the summer, but summer camp can certainly get expensive. If you are on a budget, you can look for cheaper options. Day Camps If you do some research, chances are that you will find a number of affordable day camps for your kids. Everything from ice skating to soccer to theater. Check local businesses (dance studios will sponsor dance camps, gyms may have rock climbing camps, etc), local townships and boroughs (residents usually get … Continue reading

Getting Fit without the Gym

I’m looking forward to school being out for all sorts of reasons, such as having time for daily adventures with the kids. I am also looking forward to school being out so I can get back to my morning walking/running group. Each morning, the group meets at 6am and walks or runs until about 7:30. One my oldest hit middle school (sixth grade here), I had to drop out due to his earlier start time. Once school is out, he can sleep in and I can go work out. Fitness groups are free, and working out with someone else often … Continue reading

Would Mystery Shopping Work for Your Family?

Through mystery shopping, you and your family can enjoy free restaurants, shopping outings, movies, bowling, and more. Plus, you often get paid for the privilege as well! Here is what you need to know about mystery shopping and how to determine if it is the right fit for your family. 1. Understand mystery shopping Understanding what mystery shopping is all about is important before you embark on this adventure. Basically, you pose as a customer for the company and will need to fill out a report of your experience. The different shops have different requirements. You may be asked to … Continue reading

Pros and Cons to Elliptical Machines

I am a pretty big of my elliptical machine. I have a NordicTrack, found at most exercise stores and department stores that carry exercise equipment (such as Sears). Although the elliptical machines are one of my favorite workout machines, like with any machine, there are pros and cons. Pros One pro to an elliptical, whether at the gym or at your home, is that it is an indoor workout. Indoor workouts are convenient when the weather outside is less than desirable. Indoor workouts can also be safer. Instead of running outside where you have to deal with terrain, the elliptical … Continue reading

Outdoor vs. Indoor Workouts

I sometimes wonder whether I prefer indoor or outdoor workouts. Where I live, weather isn’t usually a major factor. I guess it depends on what my schedule is like, how motivated I am, and if I am working out with someone. Outdoor Workouts I enjoy outdoor workouts because I love fresh air. Hiking and biking are great ways to get moving and see the world around. Hiking especially is a passion of mine because I love nature, especially tress and animals. Biking I also enjoy because you can go far in a short time. Walking can be a convenient workout … Continue reading

Keeping Fit During the Busy Holiday Season

While the holidays is known to be a time of struggle in overcoming the many temptations that face us…Christmas cookies, eggnog and the unending feasts available at Holiday parties…it is also a busy time of year. Busyness can put fitness on the backburner for many people. In fact, December is probably one of the hardest months of the year for fitness enthusiasts. Not only are we faced with many delicious temptations but we oftentimes find we are so busy that squeezing in time for exercise becomes difficult. While you may find your time to be stretched, there are ways you … Continue reading

Why Walk With Your Baby?

Today was a walking day. We walked and we walked, my four-year-old and I. We’re walking sorts of people. Yes, sometimes we complain, and often we get wet, but we walk everywhere. Here’s why: When you have a baby, walking helps keep you fit. It’s a gentle way to get leg and pelvic muscles into shape again. You can walk quickly or you can walk slowly, you can walk for a long time or a short time. It is the perfect exercise, and you don’t need a gym membership to do it. Walking keeps you sane. When you’re sleep deprived … Continue reading

Health at School: Dreading Gym Class

Call it gym class or P.E. or phys ed — the words usually bring up a lot of memories for adults. You may recall moments of triumph or moments of embarrassment or moments of pain. Physical education is often an unpleasant part of the school day — especially for kids who aren’t athletic. So how do you help your kids get through the physical side of education? Remember that the most important part of gym class is the physical part — an opportunity to get up and get moving on a regular basis. Helping kids find the sports they love … Continue reading

Simplify Your Life to Go Green

While I am not suggesting that you have to go live in the woods with bears and eat tree bark (I am after all using a laptop computer and an Internet connection to post this blog), but I am suggesting that anything you can do to simplify your lifestyle will reduce your footprint on the Earth and make the world a greener place. There are many different ways to simplify your life. Here are a few suggestions. Take a look at your current belongings. Are there any that you can reduce and pass on to others who may make better … Continue reading

Stress, Weight Gain and Depression in Adoptive Parents

“At least you don’t have to deal with the ‘maternity forty’!” chirped a colleague while I waiting for my third child’s arrival from Korea. Adoptive parents frequently hear comments like, “Oh, you’re doing it the easy way”. Now, having had a difficult pregnancy myself, I’m inclined to agree that MY adoption process wasn’t as difficult as my pregnancy. But I was blessed to have had the choice both to conceive and to adopt. Remember that many adoptive parents have been dealing with the grief of infertility. They often feel that their dreams of a family are at the mercy of … Continue reading