Essential Oils: Chamomile

Compared to other essential oils, chamomile can be a little more expensive… but it is worth the price! Chamomile is a great all-around essential oil — it is mild enough for use on all skin types and is known to be great for easing stress and tension. Look for German chamomile or Roman chamomile, but get the German variety if you can. You’ll know you have the real deal on your hands if the essential oil has a blue-green color. Other chamomile varieties will show up as a paler yellow color. The other varieties of chamomile do the same things; … Continue reading

Essential Oils: Frequently Asked Questions

What are essential oils? Basically, essential oils are concentrated plant essences. Some are extracted by pressing (similar to how olive oil is made!). You can collect your own essential oils from the rinds of citrus fruits with a press. Most essential oils are extracted with steam, a more complicated process that more or less breaks down the plant material by cooking. How much do essential oils cost? The prices can vary widely. Certain oils are easier to obtain, and therefore will cost less. You should be able to buy basic oils like lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, orange, grapefruit, peppermint, lime, and … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen – Part 4

It’s time to do some spring cleaning in the kitchen. Start off by removing as many items as you can, including those things you keep on your countertops. Take out the table, chairs, microwave and so on. The more you are able to remove from the room, the easier your cleaning will be. Dust the ceiling and corners of the walls. Spot wash walls, doorknobs, outside of cabinets, switch plates, vents, etc. If you are dealing with grease or grime—especially around your stove—you may need a special cleaner. Dust or use a slightly damp cloth to clean wall hangings. Dust … Continue reading

Heaven Scent Crystals are Better than Candles!

I found something special this summer when I visited the California Mid State Fair! Heaven Scent sells aroma crystals in a variety of scents. They are inexpensive, last a long time, and go where candles cannot. This makes them a much better deal than candles. These aroma crystals are made from salt, that has been infused with blended oils that have a fragrance. This makes them a green product, made from very natural ingredients. I am a person who suffers from severe allergies, especially if I encounter scented products. However, I have managed to find several different kinds of aroma … Continue reading