Search for a New Bathroom at Lowe’s

Yesterday, Sunday, my family and I spent hours in our local Lowe’s home improvement store searching for a new bathroom vanity for our downstairs powder room. In fact, we have to redo the whole bathroom. Right now, it contains a cheap blue carpet (ew carpet in the bathroom) that the previous owners used to hide the water damage to the sub floor beneath. The current sink itself is not bad, with the exception of years of hard water stains that bleach and a pumice stone have not completely eliminated. However, the sink is just attached to the wall, and the … Continue reading

Bathroom Luxuries

Want to feel as though your bathroom is in a spa? Consider adding these products that will make you feel like a King or Queen in the bathroom. Your home will be the envy of your friends. Prices rang from the inexpensive ($40) to the investment ($2,000+). Automatic Soap Dispensing Hands free soap dispensing comes home with a sleek and modern pump from Simplehuman. The Spout Sensor Soap Pump lets you program one of four preset dosages of liquid soap. This allows you to customize the right amount of soap to your needs and the thickness of the soap. The … Continue reading

Quick Ideas for Bathroom Organization

Do you spend precious time in the morning looking for a lost tweezer or lipstick? Do you have two bottles of the same conditioner opened at the same time? Have you been out of tissues for weeks and just using bathroom tissue instead? Here are some quick ideas that will help you organize your bathroom. To instantly transform a messy bathroom cabinet drawer to one that can is neat and organized, without spending hours organizing, simply corral everything with a Lazy Susan. Add the Lazy Susan to your cabinet. It is a round disc that can spin around. Stand everything … Continue reading

Easy Bathroom Updates

Try a few of these simple techniques that will have your bathroom looking fresh and new. These ideas can be used to help stage a home for sale or just to give it a nice new look. You won’t spend a lot of money, but you will get a lot of impact. If your bathroom is looking tired, consider using some color to make it come alive. A series of contrasting stripes on the wall will have that bathroom grabbing attention. Choose three shades (two color and one neutral, such as white). Horizontal stripes will make the bathroom appear larger, … Continue reading

How to Buy a Bathroom Scale

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight? Do you have a good scale that will help you with your goal? Today’s scales have so many different features, including calculators for body fat percentages. Do you know which features are most important to you? Read on to get the skinny on how to buy a bathroom scale. Analog or Digital? An analog scale is the traditional scale that we all grew up with. You step on it and the dial responds to the pressure of your weight until the pointer reachers the right number. Analog scales do not … Continue reading

Taming the Clutter Creature

I’m a minimalist, not in the things I do, but in the things that I have. At least I try to be. So why is it that it takes me ages to put everything away when I get home? It doesn’t matter if I’m getting home from work or from a day out doing something else. I have a full scale clutter party in my house once I return home, and that seems to be life. Unfortunately, I am also a clutter-o-phobe. While I can live happily with a dirty sink in my bathroom, visual clutter makes me want to … Continue reading

Time to Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

It seems as though most of the people I know are dropping like flies to the flu or other respiratory illness right now. Whether it is the dreaded swine flu or the usual seasonal flu, the fact that everyone around us seems to be affected right now makes the whole thing hit home. I know, despite trying to deny it to myself, that at some point my own family may be affected. As much as I would like to sometimes place them in a bubble, there are those things called school and work, not to mention social activities. With this … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: Dec. 31 – Jan. 6

Well, we’ve begun another new year. How many times have you written 2007 on a check or other paper so far? Throughout the year, we’ll have plenty of articles that we hope will help and inspire you. If you have any requests or questions, please let us know. If you’ve missed anything you can always check the week in review blogs for the latest articles at a glance. Here are this past week’s titles: Do you do New Year’s Resolutions? If you do, best of luck to you. We all have room for improvement, but I couldn’t pick just one … Continue reading

Home Trends—What’s In and What’s Out

I’m used to writing about what’s “in” and “out” in the world of fashion, but I’ve decided to apply the same concept here in the HOME blog. I was inspired to do so after visiting a friend’s home and hearing her ask me if I thought her new granite countertops would ever “go out of style.” (Never mind that she and her husband just forked over more than $40,000 to upgrade their entire kitchen, which included the installation of the shiny granite countertops, new fixtures, and custom made cabinets.) My reply: “If they do, you can send them my way.” … Continue reading

Child-Friendly Homes

I’m a statistic. I simply have to look around my toy-strewn living room to know it. According to a New York-based consumer-research company, I spend way too much money on my child. The company estimates that parents in the United States spend $116 million annually on their 3-to-11-year-old children. Guilty as charged. But, here’s where it gets interesting… housing developers are targeting parents like me because of my spending habits. In essence they are using my child to get to my wallet. When I was growing up having a swing set and sandbox in our backyard was a big deal. … Continue reading