Insurance 3-Steps for the Single, 20-Something, College Graduate

Watching our children grow up and become adults is one of the greatest parts of parenting. My oldest daughter graduated from Oregon State University with honors last month. I was in awe of the results of my labor, I doubt our children have any idea how proud we really are when they achieve the greatness we dreamed possible! I have written several Blogs about insurance for our older teenagers and young adults. The best advice I can offer is that you continue to insure your child until they are defined by the financial aide office as “independent.” This is usually … Continue reading

How Much and What Kind of Insurance Do We Need?

There are two main reasons everyone will be required or needs to consider purchasing insurance in order to manage their personal risks. In most cases the legally required insurance will cover for liability or property damage where we ourselves are not the one who will be financially protected. Required Insurance Generally Includes: Legally required financial responsibility auto insurance. Most states set a minimum dollar amount of required liability insurance in order to register an automobile. The minimum requirement is for damages a person may cause to someone else’s property or injuries. Loan and Financing Required Insurance is most common for … Continue reading Insurance Reviews Section

Were you aware has a review section where you can add your own opinions about products, services and different companies including Insurance Company Reviews? members are always invited to add their own opinions. In the insurance section there are currently the following companies to review: AAA Insurance Aetna Insurance AIG – American International Group Insurance Allstate Insurance American Family Insurance Amica Insurance Company Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance CIGNA Insurance Farmers Insurance Geico Auto Insurance Hartford Insurance Humana Insurance Liberty Mutual Insurance Metlife Insurance Prudential Insurance Company of America Progressive Insurance Safeco Insurance Travelers Insurance United Healthcare Insurance … Continue reading

Small Business Insurance: Basics

Most business need a certain amount of Insurance in order to protect their company from liability or other risks. A new small business might need just a few key insurance policies in order to safely start and conduct business. But, as a company grows or employs more workers other insurance products and policies are going to be important. Some of the Key Business Insurance Products Growing Business Might Need: Business Overhead Expense Insurance: This is like business disability. The policy is designed to pay the costs of a business when the business owner is disabled. Business Life Insurance: Is Life … Continue reading

The Insurance Application

When I started my career in the Business of Insurance there were very few computers. Most things were done by way of the telephone or through the use of the mail and a variety of small delivery systems. Most insurance companies invested in the delivery systems to help their companies quickly review applications and agree to cover an insurance risk. Insurance agents needed to get the information correct right from the start, and they needed to spend time with the person needing insurance in order to help them make decisions about the kinds of insurance they might need. Everything was … Continue reading

Creating the Quote Request Letter: Cover Page

Welcome, to my personal insurance Review and Update! So far I have worked out the details of our Personal Assets and gathered all the relevant paperwork, and have all the current insurance policies, details, appraisals and other documentation. I won’t actually need most of this paperwork to start the Quoting process, but want to have the chance to review everything and have the papers all in one spot if we do decide to change our insurance carrier. It’s not uncommon especially for Auto Insurance to be asked to provide proof of prior coverage. I also have my household inventory completed … Continue reading

Insurance Review and Update: The Important Paperwork

In this series of Blogs I am sharing my own Personal Insurance Update and Review. So far I am still in the gathering stage. I am working on determining our actual Assets since this is one of the most important things for our family to protect. Now I need to find all the important papers. Lucky for me my husband files everything and never tosses out any important documents. Of course, the 15 boxes of papers we keep stored is a different issue–but, sometimes I don’t mind! When reviewing our insurance I am actually very happy to have all the … Continue reading

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

My first job with insurance started shortly after I was married in 1981. I was 18-years-old and my parents told me I had to switch my auto insurance into my name. I dropped into the local Farmer’s Insurance office to transfer the policy. I met John P. Woods a local Farmer’s Insurance Agent in El Cajon, California. He was the best teacher I ever had in the area of business. Customer Service was his number one goal. I learned how to rate insurance before computers were part of the business world. It was interesting, and gave me an insight to … Continue reading

Ask Anna: Pennsylvania Auto Accident and Injury Claim

Question: Left as a comment on the Ask Anna Blog. Dear Anna, Perhaps you my know, or can direct me to where I can find out, but…..,we live in Pennsylvania with no-fault auto/motorcycle insurance laws and were involved in a motorcycle/automobile accident where the other driver was at fault. Because we assumed that we could sue for pain and suffering and damages under the full tort option we paid for, we felt secure. As it turns out in Pennsylvania, per our attorney, we are being told that we “cannot” sue because: 1) It would cost us way more than we … Continue reading

No-Fault Auto Insurance: Pros and Cons

In a pure no-fault auto insurance system the insurance company pays for the economic damages, up to the policy limit, of the insured. Pure no-fault systems will not allow any kind of law suite against the negligent driver for “non-economic” damages including pain and suffering, loss of companionship. Right now there are no states that use a pure no-fault system. All of the no-fault auto insurance states are actually using a modified no-fault system. Insurance companies pay the economic damages up to the policy limit, but there are still opportunities to sue for non-economic damages when the damages exceed the … Continue reading