Tips for Getting Toddlers to Eat Veggies

Toddlers can be very fussy at times, especially when it comes to food. This can pose a problem for parents who want their picky toddlers to eat healthy vegetables. Here are some tips for getting toddlers to eat veggies. An interesting study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study found that toddlers make decisions on what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid, based on social cues. In other words, if everyone else is avoiding the veggies – your toddler will do the same. On the other hand, if your toddler sees that … Continue reading

Why Kids and Smartphones Don’t Mix

No one said using a smartphone is a sure-fire way to avoid making stupid mistakes. I’ve covered the not-so wonderful side of technology in previous posts.  However, this latest gem goes beyond falling down manholes or setting expensive texting records. If you are a parent, you now have another reason to safeguard your smartphone when your kids are around. Paul Stoute is living proof that protecting your cellphone from little fingers is one of the smartest parenting moves you can make. The Oregon dad is the new owner of a vintage car, thanks to his toddler daughter’s cellphone skills. Or, … Continue reading

Getting More Bang for Your Cruise Buck

Passengers on Disney’s oldest cruise ship will soon get more bang for their buck thanks to a huge renovation project.  The 15-year-old floating city is getting fitted with a series of phenomenal deck-top attractions, including a massive water slide called the AquaDunk. The Disney Magic’s newest attraction is being built to please passengers looking for thrills and chills at sea.  The water slide will be situated on the ship’s forward funnel and features a translucent tube and trap door where passengers wait a near-vertical free fall. When the door opens, riders drop nearly 40 feet before being shot through a … Continue reading

Ways to Spice Up Your Easter Party

Add some spring to your step and kick up your upcoming Easter get-together with extended family and friends.  The following fun-filled activities are designed to supplement traditional egg hunts without breaking the bank or forcing you to your breaking point: Craft Stations:  Before the annual Easter egg hunt gets underway have kids partake in some craft making.  This can be done by setting up various stations in your home.  Not only do these project centers keep kids busy while the adults mingle, but they also ensure your youngest guests have something to take home besides a bunch of chocolate.  An … Continue reading

Simple Spring Fun Projects for the Kids

Now that we have sprung ahead an hour, I’m hoping Mother Nature will get the hint and adjust the weather accordingly.  We’re still buried under several feet of snow and the high temperatures are frozen in the 20s. If the weather outside is frightening in your neck of the woods too, then make the most of your indoor time by springing into spring with these simple, affordable and kid-friendly seasonal projects: Candy Lei:  You don’t have to travel to Hawaii to enjoy the beauty and fun of wearing colorful lei.  The eye-popping garland, traditionally worn around the neck, can be … Continue reading

Adults Can Get Fifth Disease, Too

Did you know that while most adults have been exposed to the paravirus that causes Fifth Disease (also called Fifths Disease), not all are immune. In fact, adults can get Fifth Disease, and the symptoms can be different and more severe than those that appear in children. Furthermore, Fifth Disease is often hard to diagnose in adults, not only because there are different symptoms, but also because most physicians won’t be likely to test for it. I found this out first hand, after a pretty scary couple of weeks. On the first day that I really noticed anything, I woke … Continue reading

Upcycle Your Holidays

If your home is already crammed to the gills with “stuff,” the prospect of adding even more items during the holiday season can make your skin crawl. One way to alleviate this uncomfortable feeling and save money at the same time is to learn the fine art of upcycling.  Pinterest has made a fortune from the fad, so there’s no reason you can’t benefit as well. Before heading to the mall to drain your wallet on expensive Christmas-themed paraphernalia, gather your kids and take a tour of your home.  Look for items that can transformed into amazing holiday presents and … Continue reading

Embrace Your Mistakes + Snow Globe Sugar Cookie Recipe

Many parents feel uncomfortable appearing less than perfect around their children.  Ironically, childhood experts maintain that moms and dads, who unabashedly show their children that making mistakes is part of life, give their kids a priceless gift and a leg up in the real world. Well, Hallelujah!  I’ve finally done something right in the eyes of so-called parenting experts. My kid sees me mess up all the time.  Okay, maybe not all.the.time.  Still, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes… and then some.  However, in making my litany of blunders, I’ve learned another important lesson.  By embracing your imperfections you … Continue reading

Ways to Keep Kids Busy During Their Holiday Break

  Tis the season for parents to rack their brains coming up with ways to keep their children busy during the extended holiday break from school. Whether you will be home alone with two kids or you’re hosting a house full of hooligans in the days leading up to Santa’s arrival, consider the following holiday-themed boredom busters to keep your sanity intact: Activity Pages:  Print out free Christmas coloring pages from the Internet.  Not only do the jolly images provide for hours of holiday fun, but also, they’ll save you precious cash during a time when most moms and dads … Continue reading

Fall-ify Your Home for Practically Free

Fall is in full swing in our neck of the woods. Autumn’s amazing palette of yellow, red and orange is on display, and the best part—-it’s free. Free to look at and, in most cases, free to take home and turn into phenomenal fall-themed decorations. All you need to do is get out and explore the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. While you are soaking in the change of scenery, consider collecting a few leaves, nuts, berries, and branches to fall-ify your home. Some simple and affordable projects include: LEAF STAMPS Stamping is an inexpensive and fun way to … Continue reading