Home Blog Month in Review: October

As I sit here looking out my window at the backyard, the birds are hovering in the pine tree against a strong wind and steady rain. The temperature is chilly today, and the calendar reminds me that we have left October behind. October 1st Buy a Home for $1.75 It seems that the housing crisis has made some interesting news lately. Home Month in Review: September 2008 Has the weather turned cooler now that September has passed? Pretty soon, it will be time to get that heat turned back on! Meanwhile, check out all of the articles that were posted … Continue reading

How to Make a Garden Tool Holder

With the fall comes a lot of yard cleanup, fall planting, and in some parts of the world, even some snow shoveling. Keeping all of those tools organized and in good shape can be difficult when the tools are just thrown in a garage or shed, or even worse, left outside. Brooms especially should be stored with the bristles facing up and off of the ground. Brooms, rakes, hoes, shovels, axes and anything on a post will be wonderfully organized with this idea for a garden tool holder. For organization, forget buying a fancy system. It can get expensive. And … Continue reading

Home Week in Review: October 27th Through November 2nd

Here is the week in review for October 27th through November 2nd. October 27th Home Week in Review: October 20th Through October 26th We spent a wonderful weekend enjoying the fall weather and our town’s pumpkin festival. There was free pumpkin carving, hay rides, scarecrow building, balloons, treat bags, snacks and much more. It was a great way to enjoy the season. What traditions or activities do you do in your home? I’d love to hear how you enjoy the season as a family! While you are thinking that over, check out last week’s Home Blog posts. October 28th Fall … Continue reading