What is Moderate-Intensity Exercise?

The government suggests that Americans engage in 150 minutes of “moderate-intensity physical activity” per week. But, have you ever wondered what qualifies as “moderate-intensity” exercise? Is it defined as walking, jogging, running, hiking, or does raking leaves count? Fitness experts have determined that a rate of at least 100 steps per minute achieves moderate-intensity activity. Meaning that if you were to purchase a basic pedometer and record 3000 steps in 30 minutes, then you would be participating in moderately intense exercise, and therefore engaging in a meaningful fitness program. For the record, pedometers are unable to measure activity intensity. However, … Continue reading

Steps in Santa Monica

It’s one of the most popular fitness destinations in the United States. The “Steps in Santa Monica” provide runners, walkers and climbers with a workout that’s second to none. The stairs were installed in the 1920’s so children who lived at the top of the steep incline could get to the school down below. But about a decade ago the staircase became an exercise destination, and now on any given weekend 1,500 people make it their workout destination of choice. In addition to the vigorous workout the stairs yield, the 172 steps also lead to some of the most gorgeous … Continue reading

Confident People are More Fit

A new study claims the more confident you are, the more likely you are to engage in physical fitness activities. Canadian researchers studied more than 5,000 locals between the ages of 15-79 and found that people who have high self-esteem are in better shape than those who have poor self-perception. The study concluded that psychological factors are the most important barriers to an active lifestyle. Study participants, who were categorized as “confident,” said that they participated in a total of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three or four times a week, and a total of an hour of light … Continue reading

Spring Into Spring with an Outdoor Workout

With the weather warming up (at least in some places), you might consider moving your fitness routine outdoors. Whether it’s a bike ride around the neighborhood or a hike at your favorite state park, the opportunities to burn calories in the great outdoors are seemingly endless. If you enjoy soaking up the scenery while you sweat, then consider signing up for one of the following outdoor races being offered across the country this spring: April 4th–Pole Pedal Paddle (Jackson, Wyoming). Enjoy the Tetons as a backdrop for this skiing, biking and boating race. April 16-19–Sea Otter Classic. A biking competition … Continue reading

Creating an Affordable Fitness Plan

Many people think that fitness plans must feature frequent trips to the gym or a major investment in expensive exercise equipment in order for them to be successful. The truth is you can get all the benefits of calorie-burning exercises without stepping foot into a fancy fitness center. The key is to be creative when designing an exercise plan. Here are some ways you can shed pounds without going broke: Make a commitment to losing weight and stick with it—-no matter how tired you might be. Self-perseverance is priceless and doesn’t cost a penny. Ditch your vehicle and walk, cycle, … Continue reading

Why You Should Get Your Kids to Jump Rope

Did you know that 15 percent of American children are overweight or obese? Even more alarming is the fact that according to the Centers for Disease Control, that number has doubled in the past two decades. As a result, doctors say parents should encourage their children to engage in any kind of activity to get them moving. Jumping rope is not only good for boosting your mood during cold, gloomy winter days, but it is also a simple and fun exercise that burns calories. If your child has shifted into couch potato mode and you are looking for a way … Continue reading

Athletes Embracing Yoga

You don’t have to be a Hollywood actress, a college-coed or flexible fitness fanatic to excel at yoga, just ask the dozens of athletes (professional and amateur) who have discovered the benefits of this ancient exercise option. NFL football players, pro golfers and stars of the NBA are speaking out about why they have turned to yoga in order to enhance their performance on the field, the golf course and on the court. According to the pros, yoga is one of the best ways to cross-train for a variety of sports, including running, surfing, swimming and skiing, where the body … Continue reading

Get Fit By Jumping Rope

Skipping rope is no longer just for kids. Rope jumping is considered one of the most effective cardiovascular workouts available for adults. The simple movements can be done by both beginners and advanced exercisers. In addition, the price of a single jump rope makes the workout an affordable option for cash strapped fitness fanatics. Fitness experts classify jumping rope as an “excellent” fat burner. According to the National Institutes of Health, jumping rope burns approximately 750 calories per hour, which is more than any other traditional workout except running. What’s more, you can easily burn additional calories by jumping faster. … Continue reading

Getting Fit by Nordic Walking

In a previous blog I noted that Nordic walking was listed as one of the top exercises for 2009 by leading fitness experts. Since that entry I received a few messages asking whether Nordic walking could be done on dirt trails in addition to traditional paved surfaces or snow. The answer is yes. Nordic walking poles have special tips that accommodate multiple surfaces. For example, when you are exercising on concrete or hard surfaces you use the end with a rubber “paw” for traction. Then, when you are Nordic walking on dirt, rocky surfaces, ice or snow, you can remove … Continue reading

Hot New Exercise for 2009

It’s the latest fitness trend and it doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment or coordination. Nordic walking is consider the “it” exercise for 2009, according to fitness experts. The simple sport originated in Finland and spread throughout Europe. It is especially popular in Sweden, Norway, Germany, and now people in North America are embracing the trend that includes a couple of poles and desire to burn calories. These days Nordic walking is growing in popularity in places such as California, Vermont, Colorado, Arizona, Maryland and Florida where health clubs offer introductory classes. Fitness experts say the pole walking exercises … Continue reading