Dress Your Baby Bump For Halloween

  There were a couple of things that I forgot to do during both of my pregnancies that I later wished that I had done. One of them is taking maternity photos, and the other is dressing up for Halloween. Pregnant bellies lend themselves to all kinds of interesting costumes from gorgeous to gory. Since there’s only about a month left before Halloween, it’s time to get started on your costume. Need a little inspiration? If you want something comfortable, you can go for an athletic look with a tank top (or sports bra) and basketball shorts and paint your … Continue reading

How to Paint Your Belly Like a Pumpkin

A fun way to celebrate the holidays, especially one like Halloween where costumes are the norm, is to paint you round pregnant belly. The obvious choice for All Hallow’s Eve this weekend? A pumpkin belly! If you’re not sure where to start, here is a guide to belly painting. 1. First you will want to select a safe paint to use on your belly. The easiest and cheapest choice is face paint, which this time of year is very easy to find at any discount store such as Walmart. The water should be water-based. Proud Body also sells a pregnant … Continue reading

Tips for Taking “Belly Pics”

If you can muster the energy and manage to remember, taking weekly photos during your pregnancy can create lasting memories that you will treasure forever. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty and drama of the pregnant form. Here are some tips for creating unique and memorable photos. *Try wearing the same outfit and standing in the same spot each week when you take a photo. At the end of your pregnancy, turn the series of pictures into a rapid slide show to see your bump grow right before your eyes. *Pose with your other … Continue reading

Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Last year I was only 17 weeks pregnant when Halloween came around, so I didn’t have too much of a bump to work with on my costume. I ended up dressing as an obstetrician and wore my sister’s scrubs. Some people ended up thinking I actually worked at a hospital and didn’t have time to change. The scrubs were pretty snug around my belly, though, so it was a cute costume anyway. When you’re well into your second or third trimester during the Halloween season, costumes are hard to come by. Maternity costumes are more expensive than normal ones, which … Continue reading

“More More More”, Said the Baby – Vera B. Williams

“More More More”, Said the Baby: Three Love Stories is a great book for the littlest book lover. This Caldecott Honor book by Vera B. Williams captures those special, silly, tender moments between toddlers and the people that love them. My own boys loved this book when they were little. It’s silly. It’s about those moments when a toddler runs away and you catch them and kiss their sweet little bellies and toes. Re-reading it now for this review, the book struck me as kind of intimate. My boys are way past the stage of toe kisses and no longer … Continue reading

More Easy Costumes with Sweats

Sweat pants, sweatshirts, and hoodies just make costume making a breeze. Here are a few more cute costume ideas made from sweats. Pumpkin Costume If you can find orange sweat pants and an orange hoodie, perfect. Pull up the hood and tie it. Paint your face orange. Stuff the belly of your pants and hoodie for some roundness. Pin felt triangles to the front of the jacket to make a jack-o-lantern face. You can also just decorate an orange t-shirt of sweatshirt and forget the pants and paint. This works great for little ones. Just add an orange knit cap … Continue reading

This Week’s Crafts at a Glance: Oct 9-15

I hope you like this week’s ideas. Costume Tips Making costumes is fun but it can be challenging sometimes, depending on how elaborate you want to make it. As our family expanded, I began opting for quicker, easier ideas and things I could pull together rather than creating from scratch… Styrofoam Ball Pumpkins You can use any size Styrofoam balls for this project, and if you mix and match different sizes, that’s even better. You will also need some orange and green construction paper, black if you want to cut out eyes and stuff, scissors, glue, and some straight pins… … Continue reading