Don’t Make These Garage Sale Mistakes

Will your garage sale be a success or a flop. Sometimes it depends on avoiding the common garage sale mistakes. If you are planning a garage sale, make sure that you don’t get caught up in any of the following. Pricing Too High Sure, you may be able to get $5 a piece for clothing at an outgrown sale or $30 for that great toy on eBay, but garage sale shoppers are looking for a bargain. They won’t pay book prices, ever. Price your items low and make up the difference in volume. Many times we price items high because … Continue reading

Getting Ready to Shop Yard Sales

I am anxious to visit my first garage sales of the Spring, look through other people’s stuff and get some shopping done. I usually look for children’s clothing and small househol d items, but sometimes our hunt includes other things, such as a snowblower or particular toy wants from the kids. Since I have all of this downtime before anyone around here has the confidence of hosting a yard sale without cold or snow, I’m going to be using that time to get my yard sale list together. The list will have any wants or needs on it, including the clothing … Continue reading

Too Cold for a Garage Sale? Think Again

In my part of the country, when summer ends so do most of the garage sales. Notice that I said most. Because while you might not see any yard sale signs while driving around the town, there are plenty of garage sales out there, on weekends and on weekdays, if you know where to look. When the weather turns colder, the garage sales start to move indoors. They may be called by other names, such as barn sales, estate sales, outgrown sales, church sales or even moving sales. Instead of shopping from the lawn, you may do your shopping indoors, … Continue reading

Back On The Racks has Upscale Resale Clothing

Thrift stores offer great deals on clothing, especially if you are looking for casual clothing for women or children. What if you are looking for nicer clothing, that can be worn to work, school, or to a party? Try shopping at a resale store. Back on the Racks has upscale resale clothing that might be just what you are looking for. Back on the Racks is located in Atascadero, California. You can also find them on facebook, or follow them on Twitter. They sell gently used clothing for women (including maternity clothing). They also sell clothing for babies and kids. … Continue reading

The Garage Sale- Part 2

Some experts suggest you shouldn’t price items in a garage sale but let people offer what they think the items are worth. These experts claim people will often offer more than you would have put on the item. Others say to make sure items are clearly priced. It may be negotiable but it is a starting point. I adhere to this idea. If I went to a garage sale where I had to ask the price of everything I would quickly get fed up and leave. Be prepared to negotiate on price. Those who go to garage sales regularly usually … Continue reading

Reasons Why Garage Sale Items Are Overpriced

You may remember a previous blog I posted that talked about how pricing at outgrown sales and thrift stores has been on the high side for me, lately. It seems that things are just so overpriced, even compared to retail (when on sale). Well, I have been noticing some of this same thing in garage sales. Not by any means the majority of garage sales. Most that I visited last weekend were quite reasonable. But there were a few sellers who wanted to hold out on high prices and tough to negotiate with. The response I kept hearing at these … Continue reading

First Impressions Count at Yard Sales 2

Isn’t there a famous saying that says, “You only get one chance to make a first impression?” Well, this can also be true when it comes to yard sales. But why on earth would it be so important to make a good first impression when you are shopping and are willing to buy someone’s stuff? Well, let me tell you. When you are shopping at yard sales, it is good to be able to negotiate. And making a good first impression can help greatly with this. If you missed my earlier post on this topic, you can read about it … Continue reading

First Impressions Count at Yard Sales

There are still some great yard sales to visit before the winter sets in. Now is one of the best times to shop at yard sales, actually. The weather is still quite good, and many people are in a great mood to start cleaning out their houses of stuff before the holidays are upon us. They may also be looking to earn some extra money for the coming holiday season, and are more likely to have giant yard sales. When it comes to shopping at yard sales, having a good ability to bargain can really take you a long way. … Continue reading

The Garage Sale Free and Cheapie Boxes

It isn’t too late to have your garage sale. The weather is still warm enough and people are still out there buying. You might be able to make enough for back to school supplies or even a new desk for your child. And it is great to have some extra cash for the upcoming holiday season. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about having a free and or a cheapie box at your yard sale. This is a box that contains items you are willing to give away for free or items that you are willing to let … Continue reading

Staging your home yourself for a faster sale

Just about everyone who is trying to sell a house in this tough buyers market is advised to have their home staged. Paying for a home stager however, may not be in the budget, especially if you are trying to sell under duress as it is your only option to prevent foreclosure. The average cost of professional home staging is $2300 with the price range being from $1000 to $5000. There are also survices for a few hundred dollars that will lay out a do-it-yourself plan for you. While these services are very helpful, should you be short on money, … Continue reading