Scrapbooking Supply Finds at Garage Sales

Ever the princess of frugal, I am always on the look out for good bargains and deals at garage sales, that I can actually use. I avoid purchasing anything if I don’t have an immediate use for it, or I cannot see the long term benefit of buying it. Recently I have attended many garage sales with scrapbooking supplies, and have been very fortunate to pick up some awesome deals on things I will most definitely use. That seems not only frugal to me, but a fun find as well. I got pretty lucky on the first weekend we attempted … Continue reading

Old Scrapbooking Trends Make a Comeback

Scrapbooking has literally grown in leaps and bounds in the past ten years or more. Everyday new innovative products are released or designed with the scrapbooker exclusively in mind. However, as the industry continues to grow and change, obviously so do the different trends. So what do you do when you have spent a fortune on a particular tool or other item that seems to have run its course? First of all, you should use whatever you want to use on your layouts. Besides, who are those layouts for? You and your family are the ones that will enjoy them … Continue reading

How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (2)

Hosting a garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted or unneeded scrapbook supplies. If you are already planning one, great. Throw some extra scrapbooking supplies in with the rest of your treasures. If not, than think about organizing one to get rid of not only your leftover hobby supplies, but extra things you have around your home too. In the previous article, How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (1) I began giving you some tips on pricing your items. Here are a few more great ideas. Patterned paper sells best when it is … Continue reading

How To Price Scrapbook Supplies at a Garage Sale (1)

Putting scrapbooking supplies in a garage sale can be risky business. You will never get your investment back. However, upon careful research of Ebay and other online auction sites, I have also come to the realization that you won’t get it back at some of those places either. Now, do not get me wrong, if you have the time to sell on Ebay sometimes you will get lucky and sell something for more than you originally thought. But most of the time the cost of listing, their percentage at the end and the shipping charges far outweigh the amount you … Continue reading

Scrapbook Supplies At Your Garage Sale

The preparation for a garage sale is not only extremely time consuming, but is emotionally exhausting and draining as well. Deciding what to keep, what to sell and what simply belongs in the trash is hard. Especially if it deals with a passionate hobby of ours. That hobby of course, being scrapbooking. The key is to set aside some time to really go through what you have. Think about each item, are you really going to use it? Have you used it lately? Is it something you can live without? Create three piles of items. One pile should be the … Continue reading

The ABC’s of Frugal Living: 26 Tips to Live a More Frugal Life

The ABC’s of Frugal Living – 26 Tips to Live a More Frugal Life The frugal living blog at is chock full of great information to help you live a more frugal lifestyle. We all strive to save money and the bloggers in this category are here to help. A: Amazing Dates Have a date night for less! New Cheap Date Ideas A Cheap And Fun Date Idea It’s Date Night Date Night On a Budget B: Budgeting Make a plan and stick to it. Be sure you watch where your money goes each month and try to do … Continue reading