What Happens at a Baby Shower?

“What are you supposed to do at a baby shower?” That is probably the question that runs through everyone’s mind the first time they have to plan one. Unless you have been to several, you may not know exactly what is expected. Is it just like a bridal shower? Are you expected to serve food? Does the mom-to-be open all the presents at the shower or later on like at a wedding? Do you have to play games? These are all valid questions, but they all assume one thing: that there is one right way to throw a baby shower. … Continue reading

Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

Now that you know what a bridal show is and all about deciding to attend one, it is time to get ready to go. Believe it or not, there is much more to attending a bridal show than buying your ticket and jumping in the car. There are many experts out there that offer advice on how a bride should successfully attend a bridal show. I took the advice that I found and complied it into what I thought would be most helpful. Check out below for my tips. The first thing that I found in almost every article was … Continue reading

Deciding to Attend a Bridal Show

In my last article I discussed how some brides-to-be find it helpful to attend a bridal show. If you are one of these women the first thing that you are probably asking is, “Where are the shows?” There are several different ways that you can find out where and when bridal shows are held. In my area, they are posted up on huge boards along the roadside, advertised on the radio, and posted in the newspaper. If none of these are happening in your area, check your mail (and email). If you have signed up at any bridal store or … Continue reading

Bridal Shows

As the New Year has approached I have noticed several advertisements along the road on huge signs and on the radio. Businesses and vendors are beginning to plan for the 2008 bridal shows. At first I thought that it was kind of odd to be advertising and hosting a bridal show now. This is typically not the time of year that couples get married (except for Valentine’s Day). Weddings are usually thought to be in the summer during May and June. However, then I realized that this would be the time of year that those brides begin their planning. I … Continue reading

How to Run A Bridal Show

A bridal show is a huge event that invites dozens of vendors all involved in the business of weddings to demonstrate their goods and their services as well as helping wedding planners, brides and grooms to book those services for a specified date in the future. Because a bridal show can be as large, many are hosted as local events bringing in local vendors specifically. The following are some key tips to help you learn how to run a bridal show. It should be noted that for any one individual or wedding planner or event coordinator who has never handled … Continue reading

Itching For Spring

We have had such a mild winter that I’m already in spring cleaning mode. The fact that my daughter is getting married in May and we are having a bridal shower at my house in April may have something to do with it. Because I’m a procrastinator I spent some time on the internet looking for the fastest and easiest ways to deep clean my house. There were no magic tricks available but there was lots of advice. The first thing I read is when you set out to do a deep clean, make sure that is what you are … Continue reading

An Environmentally Friendly Wedding

Our society in many cases is trying to become more environmentally aware. Several organizations are placing an emphasis on supporting and encouraging acts that are good for the environment. One very common phrase or logo that can be heard or seen in magazines is “go green”. I have both heard this phrase on the radio and seen it in print. In most cases I think about not polluting, recycling, and planting trees. I had never thought about how a wedding may tie in with the logo until I came across a recent article stating that there were actually environmentally conscious … Continue reading

Limiting the Number of Wedding Guests

In a previous article I discussed the task of choosing wedding invitations. Determining who and how many people you will invite to your wedding can be one of the most difficult tasks that you come across. Inviting guests can be a tricky thing to sort through. In some cases there are no limits to how many people you can invite. However in other cases couples are limited. Couples may be limited by wedding funds. The more guests that you have, the more food that you need at the reception. This can eat up a lot of your ceremony money. In … Continue reading

Thoughts on Wedding Invitations

Wedding season is well underway. Wedding plans have been taking place for some time now. June weddings have been taking place and July, August, and September planners are busily making their wedding arrangements. One important task that many couples undertake when planning their wedding is the issue of invitations. There are many different ways that couples can deal with sending invitations. Some couples choose not to send invitations at all. Instead they do a general announcement of their wedding. Some publish the wedding details in the newspaper and simply invite all friends and family. While this method can be cheaper … Continue reading

Hearty Ham Salad

If you have leftover ham in your refrigerator this is the ideal recipe for you. My dad loves ham and even when he was cooking for our family of eight he would make sure he had enough leftover to make ham salad the next day. Growing up I was never that fond of ham salad. Then I was introduced to the following recipe and all of sudden I became a devoted fan. No offense to my dad (who happens to be an incredible cook), but his ham salad was rather bland and uninspired. (Sorry Dad!) It wasn’t until I was … Continue reading