Fun and Easy Ways to Go Green

Earth Day 2013 is less than a week away.  How are you planning to celebrate? Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of green to go green.  All you need is a little time and some motivation to recycle what you already own.  By repurposing materials you would otherwise toss in the trash, you are not only saving money and showing your kids simple ways to save the planet, but you’re also giving them an outlet to showcase their creative energy. Placemats:  Rather than spend cash on everyday placemats, consider making your own with poster board, old magazines and … Continue reading

Tips for Saving Money at the Circus

The circus is a magical place for kids and adults alike. But the price to attend the circus is grounded way back into reality. In fact, for many, the price of attended the circus makes many families unable to attend. But there are some ways to save money at the circus. If you apply all of them, you may find that the circus is more affordable than you think. Tickets Let’s talk about ways to lessen the price of tickets. You can first pick a local or lesser known circus. These troops may not have all of the pyrotechnics and … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Play-Doh Fun

Kids just love play-doh, much to the despair of many a mom who dreads the chance of the play-doh crumbs getting in the carpet or elsewhere around the house. This is why I think of spring and summer as play-doh season, since a small table out in the garage, driveway or backyard eliminates the mess. The other detriment to play-doh, is that it can be expensive after a while, especially when kids mix up all of the colors or let it dry out. The play-doh kits that you buy that feature all of the neat tools are more expenses. But … Continue reading

Frugal Kids Birthday Parties: Ways to Save

Kids Birthday parties can get pretty expensive these days. It is not surprising to hear that the average child’s birthday party costs between $200 and $350! Many spend even more. But you really don’t have to spend a lot to provide a fun and memorable party. Here are some great ways to save. The location of your party can really save money. Forgo the expensive pizza places, the bowling alleys, the game rooms and other commercial theme places. Most of these places never provide enough (if any) of the food, drinks, etc. The least expensive option, of course, is to … Continue reading

Easy Tough Love Tips for De-cluttering

While getting rid excess stuff seems like an easy thing to do (just start in one place and keep going), for many of us de-cluttering is tough to do. From not knowing where to start to having an emotional attachment to our stuff, we can be our own worse enemies when it comes to having an organized home. One thing that may help in your de-cluttering efforts is to practice some tough love with yourself. Practicing tough love means that you establish certain rules for yourself and then follow them most of the time. Notice I said most of the … Continue reading

Honoring Memorial Day at Home

When we think about Memorial Day, it is usually thoughts of the start of summer, weekend parties by the pool and getting ready for outdoor living. But Memorial Day is much deeper than that. I was reminded of this in at least one way this weekend. The long Memorial Day weekend was a great time for us to catch up on house projects and yard work. We had purchased an inexpensive outdoor teak bench that needed to be assembled and oiled, there was a section of fence that needed some extensive repair, new rails needed to be put in on … Continue reading

Getting Your Home Ready for Summer Vacation

It seems that summer is always ready before I am. I still haven’t finished all of the spring cleaning before everyone gears up for the summer activities. Even though my oldest child will be in school for almost another month, there are already evening summer activities lined up, such as music concerts on the lawn and summer barbecue parties. As the mom, I will be expected to host everything from backyard camp outs to worm gardens, all while smiling in my matching short set and carrying a cool pitcher of lemonade. Forget the fact that there is still insulating plastic … Continue reading

Frugal Goodie Bags

Birthday parties for kids can be fun, although the cost of these parties can quickly add up. One of the costs that can quickly get out of hand are the goodie bags. Although some parents do get very elaborate with goodie bags (one family gave out $50 toy store gift cards and tickets to the circus), even filling the bags with traditional small toys and candy can can add up. This coming Saturday, we are having a birthday party for my two boys, and we want to offer goody bags to the guests at the end of the party. We … Continue reading