Sales at Toys R Us, Target, Barnes & Noble, and More!

Every day, there are tons of sales, deals, and special offers from so many stores and websites. It can become difficult to keep track of them all, or to sort out only the ones you are interested in. This blog will help! It has several random sales that are going on right now. There are sales at Toys R Us, Target, Barnes & Noble, and more! Toys R Us is having a two-day “Super Cyber Sale”. It takes place today, Monday, April 8, 2013, through Tuesday, April 9, 2013. Save up to 35% off thousands of toys. Some brands include … Continue reading

How to Save on Magazines, Books and Newspapers

While going through our monthly budget, my husband and I filled out responses to standard budget categories, such as food, clothing, etc. One of the entries was for magazine subscriptions. Anyone looking around our house would think that we pay a fortune for magazines (and books). I’m continually working on paring down the number of magazines that come and stay in our house. Most of us are great readers and will resort to reading toothpaste tubes if we must, so this isn’t easy (but that is a subject for the Home blog). We also tend to have at least one … Continue reading

Using Newspapers and Magazines for Fun Learning

Making use of things around the house for learning inspires creativity for both the teacher and student. It is also a way to develop a lifelong learner as all surroundings will teach lessons and inspire thought. Being resourceful also saves your pocketbook from losing too much valuable weight. Old newspapers, magazines and even phone books can be used for such purposes. Before you throw your old publications in the recycle bin think about recycling them into educational tools. Here are ways to squeeze some fun learning out of the Sunday paper: Letter Hunt. Give your child a highlighter, pencil or … Continue reading

Stay Current With List-Serves and E-Newsletters

Even though trade magazines, newspapers, and books can be fantastic resources for keeping up with market trends and business happenings—it takes a bit of effort to track them down or find the time to sit down and read through an issue. It might be more time-efficient and convenient to consider joining list serves or subscribing to e-mail newsletters. This way, the updated information is delivered right to your e-mail inbox and is in a form that is usually easy to read and to glean the most current information from. Various print publication and online web resources offer individuals the opportunity … Continue reading

Where Can I Find Coupons? Here are Ten Different Places to Grab Them

There are many different places to find coupons, from the obvious to the obscure. Go on a treasure hunt to gather up as many as you can. Coupons can save you money, whether you use just a few coupons on your favorite weekly items or practice the art of extreme couponing, a way of shopping that can get you up to 90 percent off of your groceries. Don’t forget that coupons can also be used on retail purchases, online purchases and entertainment venues too! Here is a breakdown of the many places where you can find money saving coupons. Grab … Continue reading

Scrapping the Funny

I got into scrapbooking long before it went mainstream. However, I took a very long hiatus from making memory books during my college years and subsequent time as a swinging single. It wasn’t until I got hooked on Rosie O’Donnell’s daytime talk show that I got inspired to scrap again. As you might already know, the former daytime talk show queen is also considered royalty in the scrapbook industry thanks to her endless chatter about her obsession with scrapping. Back when she had her own talk show, Rosie would spend at least part of her host chat discussing her latest … Continue reading

Using Amazon to Your Best Advantage

I love Amazon. I love browsing the site, reading the book descriptions, buying the books . . . sigh. It’s just a good thing all the way around. Are you familiar with the Amazon site? Are you getting all you can out of it? When you first open the page, you’ll see a list of departments down the left-hand side. You can buy tools, electronics, jewelry, and more, but for now, we’re just going to talk about the books. When you click on books, you’ll be given the choice of books, textbooks, magazines and newspapers, and Amazon shorts. Courtney did … Continue reading