How to Use a Choke Chain Properly

When I wrote about why we never leave home without Murph’s choke chain, I mentioned a recent incident where I ran across someone who took exception to my using a choke chain on Murph. It’s not the first time it’s happened. I wasn’t always key on the idea of a choke chain myself. I remember thinking, “Wow. That seems like kind of a mean way to discipline a dog.” But that’s before my neighbor shared a video with me where a guy gave a great explanation on how to use a choke chain humanely. (Unfortunately I don’t remember either the … Continue reading

Animal Abuse: Chaining Is Unsafe For Everyone

Chaining a dog to an object for a long period of time is unsafe for the animal. It can also be a danger to humans and other animals! Why is tethering unsafe for humans? Dogs who are tethered can become very aggressive. It is natural for a dog to feel protective of his territory! Instinct gives a dog (and a person) a fight or flight response to threats; a chained dog does not have the option to run. Chained dogs may feel forced to attack unfamiliar people to protect their territory. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that nearly one-fifth … Continue reading

Bad Situations: Loose Dogs vs. Leashed Dogs

Back in April, mcmama, otherwise known as Janet McMonagle the Community Manager, posted the thread “Leashed dog attacked by loose dog” over in the Pets Forum. The dogs involved were a terrier mix (the leashed one) and a German Shepherd (the loose one). Janet wasn’t sure if the Shepherd was going after the dog or his owner, but the little dog didn’t fare too well. His neck got all torn up and he had to be rushed to the vet and get stitches. Thankfully he lived. Having been in similar situations with both Budly and Murphy a time or two … Continue reading