When Life Gets in the Way

Since I’ve been parenting alone it seems as if life gets in the way a lot. There are certain things that simply have to be done and sometimes those things get in the way of effective parenting. Tonight was one of those nights. As a busy full time student I normally try my hardest to work on homework during times when Logan is asleep or at his dad’s. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Some nights the amount of work simply cannot be done without cutting into some mommy time. I had a big presentation for tomorrow. One that I … Continue reading

Blowing Off Steam

Having an ex adds a lot of undue stress in your life; have children with that ex and the stress multiplies by about a hundred…thousand…ok, it’s more like an infinite amount of stress that never ends with the signing of the decree. You’d think it get easier now that you’re not together, but it’s actually a lot harder when neither one of you is trying to make things work anymore. My ex and I try to keep things as civil as possible when it comes to Logan. I don’t want him to ever feel caught in the middle of his … Continue reading

Holiday Preparations: Cleaning

So did you purchase a binder to start your holiday organizer? Or perhaps you found another method that works better for you. We are now just over a week until Thanksgiving. So it’s time to start preparing your home for guests and that means…cleaning. One of the suggestions I had given in my previous blog was to write down the rooms that need some extra attention before you have family and friends over. If you haven’t already done that, use your holiday organizing binder to make notes. The point of writing it down is that you don’t feel like you … Continue reading

Keep Social Media Out Of It

Divorce is rarely pretty. We all hope that we can be civil with our ex spouses and behave like the adults we are when working things out. This hardly ever happens. Usually one person wants the divorce more than the other which may leave one of you very bitter. When people are hurt they tend to lash out, now they have a much more public forum in which to garner support for their “side”. Thanks to social media, our most private things are out there for the world to see. There is an awful lot of he said/she said. Usually … Continue reading

No One Is Perfect

Feelings of inadequacy are so common when you are a single parent. When I first got divorced I tried to hard to do everything, be the perfect employee, the perfect mother, keep a beautiful house, and be a combination of Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart. I failed miserably. Some days were just so hard. If I was at work I was thinking about Hailey, how was she adjusting to the divorce? Was she going to be ok? Did I do the right thing? When I was home I worried that I wasn’t giving my job 100%, I needed that job … Continue reading

Moms Living with Chronic Back Pain

Is lower back pain keeping you sitting on the sideline of your own life? Like so many moms, I have been spending the last several years carting around infants, toddlers, and groceries, picking up stray toys and toting baskets of laundry. Now that my kids are older and I am spending more time working at my desk and driving them around in endless carpools, my lower back pain is flaring up again. Chronic back pain has plagued me in my adult life. I have gone through phases in my life where I have made more time for exercise and health. … Continue reading

Turn Up The Music

Do you like housecleaning? I don’t think it’s at the top of most people’s favorite things to do list, but there are times when I really enjoy it. Housecleaning is a totally mindless chore. If I just need to burn off some energy doing something I don’t have to think about, housework is perfect. After all, it takes very little brain power to scrub a toilet. It’s also perfect for those times I have a lot on my mind and just need some thinking space. I can scrub and shine while working through a problem in my head. The great … Continue reading

What Are You Modeling?

Yesterday I wrote a little about raising a moral child. The more I think about it the more aware I become that although we all want to raise our children to be incredible human beings, there are so many things we do every day that undermine that. Some of the things I’ve seen and heard, and yes, I am guilty of some of these myself, that go directly against what we want our children to learn, and who we want them to be. “Well, your teacher is dumb to give you homework on a holiday weekend.” “Your father only thinks … Continue reading

The Couple that Does Chores Together, Stays Together

On a recent episode of the sitcom “Raising Hope,” the married couple in the show clash over the division of their chores. They each make the other person do the chore they hate most, but by the end of the episode they’ve started doing those tasks together. They find that the jobs they hate most aren’t really so bad when they do them together. It struck me just how true to life that is (which is a rare thing to find on television). If I really don’t want to do something around the house, I’ve found it’s a lot easier … Continue reading

Time Management – What Works For Me

In this interesting blog post about making good use of time, Stephanie Romero asks what strategies others have found helpful for making good use of our time. I am always looking for ways to better manage my time, so I am hoping that others will take the opportunity to comment on that post with helpful suggestions. As for myself, there are two things that currently help me to use my time well. The first thing that helps me to make good use of my time is a strong sense of discipline. At least discipline is what I think it is. … Continue reading