Sleeping in Separate Beds: You’re Not Alone

Our culture believes that couples who sleep in separate beds are either experiencing or inviting problems in their marriage. Because I’m a light sleeper, I’m a firm believer that couples should be free to sleep separately if necessary. Jon and I almost always sleep together, but if one of us is restless we move to another bed, to keep that person from being woken up. I know that sleeping in the same bed improves intimacy. Once kids are part of the equation alone time between couples is scarce, and time in bed together, even if it’s just the process of … Continue reading

Do You and Your Spouse Sleep in Separate Beds?

In the days of black and white television, it was scandalous to show a man and woman in the same bed. I remember seeing episodes of I Love Lucy and wondered why Lucy and Ricky had twin beds—the world just wasn’t ready for anything more suggestive. Today when we hear of a man and woman sleeping in two separate beds, our thoughts immediately leap to the conclusion that they are having anger and/or sexual problems. But is that the only reason for sleeping separately? Some people are driven to the couch or to the guest bedroom by their spouse’s snoring … Continue reading

Scary Places: The Knickerbocker Hotel

Not long ago, I blogged about the Roosevelt Hollywood, a hotel reportedly haunted by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Cliff among others. But, the Roosevelt Hollywood isn’t the only haunted hotel in town. The Knickerbocker Hotel was built in 1925 as a luxury apartment building. It later became a hotel, with its Renaissance Revival Bar a favorite among the Hollywood crowd. Over the years, the Knickerbocker saw its share of fame, but also its share of scandal. Famed director D.W. Griffith died of a stroke in the hotel in 1948. Once a Hollywood big wig, Griffith had been … Continue reading

Why My Kid Won’t Be Getting a Dog for Christmas

Is it possible to be whined to death? If so, then I need to call my priest to administer Last Rites because I am dying a slow and agonizing death by persistently whiny six-year-old. My kid wants a dog for Christmas. Yes, like Linus and Lucy’s little brother Rerun, my daughter has major puppy envy. She has been lobbying for a Labrador for the past three years. To no avail. Given that she can’t even keep track of her winter gloves, I’m thinking we’ll hold off on having her take responsibility of walking, feeding and nurturing a living, breathing, potty … Continue reading

Pop Culture Classroom

When I was a kid in college I frequently read on the internet about classes in popular culture. My interest in popular culture, like most students, was always more intense than my interest in business, the history of marketing, or mathematics. What drove me to seek out these courses was that during my first semester I took a course on Woodstock. Oh yes! For one glorious semester I watched documentaries about, read commentary on, and listened to music from that iconic festival. This was something that seemed surreal. Somehow it always seemed that you “lived” pop culture but “studied” everything … Continue reading

Van Johnson Checks out While Tara Reid Checks In

Okay, even I will admit that Van Johnson was a bit before my time. But, I do have fond memories of the “I Love Lucy” episode where he waltzes Lucy across the nightclub to impress Caroline Appleby. Johnson, a heartthrob from the ‘40s, died yesterday at the age of 92 of natural causes. (This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 1923 and 1977, inclusive, without a copyright notice.) Johnson often appeared in roles at the All-American boy, exhibiting a charm that earned him the nickname “the non-singing Sinatra.” Through a career … Continue reading

Bob Hope Auction a Success

Over the years, Bob Hope worked tirelessly for the United Service Organization (USO), showing support for our troops from World War II through the Gulf War. Although the benevolent entertainer passed away five years ago at the age of 100, Bob Hope is still giving. This past weekend, approximately 800 of his personal items were placed up for auction. The entire sale brought in a total of $601,000 for the Bob and Dolores Hope Charitable Foundation, which helps U.S. veterans. (This image is a work of a U.S. military or Department of Defense employee, taken or made during the course … Continue reading

My Favorite Television Moms

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day! Now, let’s get down to the business of this blog – my favorite television mothers! Television has been around for a while, so I have about 60 or so years of shows from which to choose. If I left out one of your favorites, please let me know! 10. Florida Evans – “Good Times” Oh sure, you might not be living in the lap of luxury, but you would sure have a lot of love. Florida showed her love for J.J., Thelma, and Michael all the time, but she wasn’t afraid to offer them … Continue reading

The People on Television

I grew up with television. I mean literally television to this day comforts me. When it is on, it is as if an old friend has come over to the house. But, I have a problem. I take everything I see at face value. This whole Chris Benoit thing has really messed me up this week. First, we heard he, his wife, and seven-year-old son were dead. I must guiltily admit that after I heard they were found in their home, I thought maybe someone had snapped and killed the family. And I don’t mean someone from outside the home. … Continue reading

Television Wasn’t Very Supportive of Marriage This Season

It’s June, which means the standard television season is over and done with. There are a few shows to look forward over the summer, but for the most part the 2006-07 television season is over and done with. Marriage wasn’t too popular or well done during this year’s television season. From reality television’s The Real Wedding Crashers to Marriage 911 to the fictional Rules of Engagement, Desperate Housewives and ’Til Death — marriage didn’t come off as a healthy or happy institution this year. There’s a reason for that – as many marketing promoters will tell you – happy marriages … Continue reading