Greening up Your Technology

Going green can mean ensuring that your technology doesn’t hog electricity and other resources. A good part of your “footprint,” the amount of impact that you and your household have on the environment, can be affective my your technology. Here are some ways to green up your stuff without living like you are off the grid. Know your home theater As televisions get larger and the standard CRT gets replaced by plasma and LCD, and as surround sound speakers are added, the energy consumption on your home theater system goes up. Knowing which of these products have the least impact … Continue reading

IBM Offers Service in Green

The Project Big Green service promises to reduce overall energy use by five billion kilowatt-hours per year. Is it possible? IBM believes so. It plans on offering services that promote energy efficiency. Read on to learn about IBMs plan. You may have read my earlier article about Apple’s plans to reduce toxic chemicals by eliminating them from their monitors in an effort to be a greener company. It is also switching to LED backlit monitors, which are much more energy efficient than standard LCD ones. Now IBM is stepping in with its own green plan. The difference here is that … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Mowing

It is still late morning here, and I can already hear various lawn mowers puttering away in the yards of my neighbors. Unfortunately, mowers contribute five percent of air pollution, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. About fifty-four million Americans mow their lawns each weekend. Fortunately, we aren’t one of that number, at least not yet. We live pretty much in the woods and don’t have a grassy space. Once our landscaping is done, we do plan on having a grassy yard for at least a portion of the yard. And, we will be looking in to eco-friendly options … Continue reading

Eco Smart Home Tips

Is your home really green? Earth Day is April 22nd, and you can celebrate the day by making some earth-friendly changes in your home. These improvements are simple, inexpensive and easy to do (I promise). Use your eco powers for good and gain some money savings at the same time. Search and Destroy Find all of those areas in your home that waste energy by forcing you to heat or cool the entire neighborhood. Go through your home, one room or area at a time. Find and seal cracks and air leaks with caulk, weather stripping and other products made … Continue reading

Computing Review: May 12th through May 18th

Well, I certainly have a lot of catching up to do with my “week in review!” I have been so busy trying to get you the latest information, tips, tricks and fun websites, that I have really fallen behind on the reviews. I hope that you will forgive me, especailly after learning my good news. I will now be blogging full-time for the Computing blog in addition to blogging for the Frugal Living Blog. May 12th Have you ever met anyone from the Internet in person? Well, the day is here. Today is the day I get to meet Spoons, … Continue reading

Military Bans Popular Websites

A policy effective today (May 14, 2007) bans military serving worldwide from visiting twelve popular websites. The Department of Defense has chosen to block access worldwide to YouTube, MySpace and more on its computers and networks. Military soldiers often turn to those websites for news from home, updates from their loved ones and entertainment while they are in Afghanistan and Iraq. While they will still be able to access the banned sites from their own computers and networks, the reality is that Defense Department computers are generally the only ones available to those serving in the war. The news comes … Continue reading