Home Week in Review: December 17 – 23

Soon! Very soon, Christmas will be here and we have lots of Christmas articles this week: Are you following the Christmas countdown? Hopefully, some of these items will be helpful as you prepare for the big day. Eight Days ’til Christmas Seven Days ’til Christmas Six Days til Christmas Five Days ’til Christmas Four Days ’til Christmas Three Days ’til Christmas Two Days ’til Christmas Mary Ann offered some holiday tips on everything from holiday safety to holiday shipping and tips concerning poinsettias, so don’t miss any of these great articles: Christmas Tree Safety Tips (1) Christmas Tree Safety Tips … Continue reading

Ideas for Gag Gifts, Grab Bags and Gifts for Teachers

Gag Gifts Gag gifts are usually pretty simple if you have a novelty store nearby. If not, the dollar store might be a good option. Try some funky toe socks, a crazy hat, giant sunglasses, or maybe a toilet plunger with a big old bow on it. What about a gag gift that is somewhat humorous but still practical? Give a jumbo size package of AA batteries, and print a label that says “AA batteries – gift not included.” Should be good for a smile, and who can’t use extra batteries at Christmastime? You could also wrap up a Mason … Continue reading