Poor Itchy Puppy

Scratch my belly, please Unfortunately, Chihiro’s health saga has continued. At least nothing is so wrong with her that we need to take her to the vet or spend a lot of money, but it’s annoying that we have to keep treating her for various maladies. At least I can blog about her troubles to share tips with you should any of your dogs ever have similar problems. Chihiro’s always been an itchy dog. Early this year the vet confirmed that she has an inverted vulva, a disorder that’s apparently somewhat common with mixed breed dogs. That means she has … Continue reading

Is She a Baby or a Puppy?

If you walked into my living room without knowing anything about me, you’d think I was the proud owner of a little puppy. I’m not sure that quite sums it up. Let’s put it this way: If you walked into my living room without knowing anything about me, you’d think I was the proud owner of a rambunctious, mischievious, downright naughty little puppy. You’d be lucky if you caught a glimpse of the carpet. Instead, our floor is blanketed with a fine layer of pieces of paper, toilet paper, and tissues. Yep, our baby is a bonafide paper shredder. Why … Continue reading

Tips for Puppy-Proofing Your Home

There’s something irresistible about baby animals, isn’t there? Puppies, kittens, chicks, and more… so innocent, sweet, and cuddly! But for baby animals, some things around your house may be irresistable… and dangerous. It’s best to puppy-proof (or kitten-proof, or whatever animal you have-proof) your home BEFORE the new family member comes home. Even if you don’t get every potential hazard out of the way, you’ll still be ahead of the game! First things first: get a pet’s eye view on the world. That means crouching down — or crawling on your hands and knees — to see what the room … Continue reading

Wagging My Tail Goodbye to the Pets Blog

I’m sitting in my office looking out the window watching the snow melt from the rooftops and bushes as I’m writing this. Last night we got measureable snow, a bit of an oddity in December for us here in Nashville. Whenever we get snow like this now I think about the first winter I was writing for Families.com. We got snow one February and I took Murph outside to play in it, then wrote about it as my blog for the day later. How much inspiration I’ve drawn from my pets over the past two years since I first began … Continue reading

Wait, Are You Sure that They Aren’t Still a Company? – Part 2

Yes, my mind likes to play tricks on me and make me think some of these companies are still around, if I just look for them hard enough. Here are more iconic companies that went down the drain: Lionel Corporation Please don’t tell my 4 year old that the Lionel Corporation bit the dust! Actually, the trains are still being made, just not by the original company. The famous train company was driven to bankruptcy in 1967 and by 1969, the entire company was sold to General Mills. Even General Mills couldn’t bring this puppy back to life, ceasing operations … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for February 25-March 2

Aimee and I went to town last week with a variety of articles. In case you missed any, here’s your handy Week in Review catch up cheat sheet. Monday, February 25 How do you earn a roaming stray dog’s trust? I’m trying to figure that out so I can win over the stray in our neighborhood. Aimee logged another entry in her Diary of a Cat Care B & B: how not to wash a cat. I reported on Murph’s progress with the PoochIQ test. Tuesday, February 26 Hey what’s this? I know this chick! That’s right, Aimee conducted an … Continue reading

The Pets Blog Week in Review for January 28 – February 3

So long January, hello February. Here’s the articles Aimee and I wrote to round out one month and start another. Monday, January 28 Sad Stray Pup Update The stray pup I helped puppy sit a couple weeks back was reunited with his owners, but I wasn’t too pleased to find out who they were. Code Red: Planning for Pets When Emergencies Call You Away What to do with the pets if your family lives in one state, you live in another, and there’s a death in the family? Tuesday, January 29 Planning for Pets When Emergencies Call You Away: A … Continue reading

Puppy Bowl IV Play-by-Play

Did you catch any of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IV? The last couple of years I’ve usually only been able to watch part of it. But this year Wayne had some work to do, so I planted myself in front of the TV with a project of my own (folding buckets-worth of laundry) and watched even more than usual. Player Introductions Somehow I managed to miss most of this both times I was able to catch the start of the show. I liked how they introduced them by name, breed, age, and with a description of something about them. For … Continue reading

Surprise Puppy Sitting Duties

Wayne and I had just finished eating dinner last night when I noticed headlights in our driveway that weren’t going away. No sooner had I peeked out the window and commented that someone was parked behind my car than the doorbell started ringing frantically. I went to answer it and found a panicked looking Cindy, a neighbor from up the street, with a beagle puppy in her arms. “I don’t know what to do. He dashed into my garage as I was leaving, but I’m going to be late for the Y. Can you please watch him?” “Sure, come on … Continue reading

Puppy Mill Bust in Virginia

Hillsville, Virginia was declared a disaster area in early November. Why? County officials had seized more than a thousand dogs from a mass breeding farm (also known as a puppy mill) on November 2nd. The initial count went up after a few more litters were delivered, leaving Carroll County, Virginia with more than 1100 dogs on their hands. The Humane Society of the United States spent five months working undercover at Horton’s Pups before asking county animal control officers to take action. The breeding farm is thought to be the largest puppy mill ever. The operation sold purebred dogs to … Continue reading