The Great Changing Debate

I will be the first to admit that my child has relieved herself in some very unconventional places. Many of these incidents took place prior to her procuring a paralyzing fear of automatic-flushing toilets. In fact, much earlier.  As in diaper early. While I am quite thankful for the convenience afforded by disposable diapers, changing a soiled Pamper in public is not always easy. Accidents happen, emergencies need to be dealt with.  As a parent, you likely know this very well and take measures to cope accordingly. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict when uncomfortable situations may occur. Just ask the … Continue reading

Toddler Diaper Changes at 30,000 Feet

I keep seeing the same commercial over and over again. It features a mom who declares that her toddler will be potty trained in time for an upcoming family camping trip. The mother claims that the trip was the impetus for getting her tot on the potty-training bandwagon. The commercial never reveals how the potty training goes or whether the family makes it to the campgrounds sans a box of diapers, but I digress. The point is I’ve known many a mother who has vowed that her child would be out of diapers in time for an important trip. For … Continue reading

10-Year-Old Boy Talks His Way Onto Flight

It appears as though he has a promising career as a used car salesman, but he’ll have to get out of juvenile detention first. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the security tapes myself. After all, with all the post 9/11 security measures in place at airports around the world it would seem next to impossible for anyone to get onto an airplane without a boarding pass… right? Apparently, not if you are 10-year-old Semaj Booker. According to police, the Seattle boy successfully talked his way onto not one, but two flights last year and a few … Continue reading

In Flight Diaper Changing Etiquette

No mother takes pleasure from having to change a messy (not to mention smelly) diaper on board a crowded flight filled with strangers. But, believe me the alternative would be much more unpleasant. Imagine having to deal with a putrid smelling odor and the uncontrollable wails of a 10-month-old. Talk about flying the unfriendly skies. A travel forum I frequent recently took aim at parents who change their child’s diapers on airplane seat cushions and tray tables. (By the way, who changes a child’s diaper on a tray table? My 3-year-old’s Cabbage Patch Preemie doll barely fits on tray table. … Continue reading

Weirdest Place Your Kid Has Gone Potty

I promise; this will be my last potty-themed blog (for a while anyway). In my previous post I shared my young daughter’s fear of going potty in public restrooms that feature automatic-flushing toilets. What I neglected to reveal in that blog is the myriad of non-traditional places that she’s gone number one, on the occasions when she absolutely wouldn’t relieve herself on “strange” potties. Let’s see… she’s gone in the tall grass that borders a rural highway in Wisconsin, in an opening between rocks at a secluded beach in Hawaii, in a dirt hole I dug in the far corner … Continue reading

Disney by the Bay and Other Family-Friendly Travel Attractions

Disney in San Francisco? It’s no joke. Beginning October 1st, you’ll be able to get a taste of Disney by the bay… San Francisco Bay. That’s where The Walt Disney Family Museum will be opening. The new structure, dedicated to all things Disney, will feature 10 galleries focusing on different chapters in the life of founding father Walt Disney, from his early years in Kansas City to his arrival in Hollywood in the 1920s. The museum also spotlights Mickey Mouse’s dad’s technological genius, like synchronizing sound to a cartoon. Other displays include the one-of-a-kind Oscar statuettes awarded to Snow White … Continue reading

Fall Travel Deals for Families with Young Children

Even if you don’t have school age children, this can be one of the most wonderful times of the year. In addition to having more room to move at the mall and the park, resorts around the world are slashing prices to entice parents with young children to visit. Back-to-school means back to reality for lodgings that saw a jump in bookings during the summer months. When school kids clear out, prices come down, and moms and dads can score big savings on getaways with their little kids. Here are some of the better deals to be had this season: … Continue reading

Families That Fly Separately to the Same Destination

Surely you know families who insist on taking separate flights to the same destination. They rationalize that by doing so they will avoid the unthinkable: perishing together should tragedy strike. I happen to know two families who practice this method of travel. My friend from high school flies solo with her two youngest children and has her husband travel with their oldest. For them, the practice has worked out fairly well (if you disregard the incidents of lost luggage and annoying delays). However, the same cannot be said for the Schnabl family. The Schnabl’s were taking a planned vacation to … Continue reading

Educational Summer Fun for the Whole Family

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean that your kids have to take a 3-month hiatus from learning. If you are planning a summer road trip across the United States, then consider making a pit stop at some of these educational destinations: WASHINGTON Give your kids a crash course in culture in Tacoma. That’s where you’ll find the 500-foot Chihuly Bridge of Glass, built by native glass artist Dale Chihuly. The one-of-a-kind stunning blue art piece spans the Thea Foss Waterway and connects the city’s three museums —Washington State History Museum, Tacoma Art Museum and the Museum … Continue reading

Fun Outdoor Activities for Families

Good news for cash-strapped families: You don’t need to put the brakes on your summer road trip because you’re pinching pennies. Dozens of cities across the country are offering free family fun in the sun this summer. Take a look at these outdoor adventures that won’t cost you a penny to partake in: VIRGINIA Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is best known for its wild pony round-ups that take place each July. However, the 14,000-acre park also features dozens of other free activities, including bird watching, kayaking, and fishing. The refuge is filled with dunes, marshes and maritime forests. You can … Continue reading